Prevent balding naturally

Learn simple and natural ways to maintain healthy hair and prevent unnecessary balding.

For both men and women, balding is an embarrassing and frustrating problem.Losing the hair on your head can incur feelings of fear and alarm, and can be cause for physical insecurity and self-esteem issues.After all, it is difficult to cover up the fact that you are losing your hair.While baldness is for the most part, genetic, there are some natural ways you can prevent or slow the process of balding.First, let's look at the very basics of balding, why it occurs, and how it can be naturally prevented.

***Why Exactly Does Balding Occur?

As human beings, we have hair growing almost everywhere on our bodies.Hair is composed of a type of protein called keratin, which is produced in our hair follicles.Most individuals grow around six inches of hair each year through this cell producing process.The hair production process is composed of three different stages called anagen, catagen, and telogen.The anagen stage is basically when your hair is actively growing.The catagen stage of hair growth of hair growth is just a transitional period.And finally, the telogen stage of hair growth is a resting period during which old hair is shed and new hair takes its place.

Unfortunately, as we age, the rate at which this process takes place and our hair grows slows down. Even further discouraging to those fearing hair loss and baldness is that it is our genetic makeup that is the major determining factor as to when in life hair growth will completely slow or stop.However, balding does not solely occur for genetic reasons.There are also exterior factors or behaviors we engage in that can cause premature and easily preventable balding.

***Easy & Natural Ways to Prevent Balding

While we all know that there is no way to control our genes, there are easy and natural ways to prevent balding caused by other factors.For example, both men and women seriously hurt their hair and cause stress-induced balding through the use of beauty treatments and products.Anything from hair dryers, straightening agents, dyes, and bleaches can make hair dry and thin, and eventually fall out.By avoiding such unnatural hair products, you can easily prevent any related balding that would occur.

Additionally, exposure to chemicals, some of which are found in swimming pools, can cause a halt in hair growth and over time can lead to balding.Thus, avoiding chemicals is another easy and natural way to prevent balding.

Finally, leading a healthy lifestyle is the most natural, beneficial, and simple way to prevent balding.Vitamin deficiencies will affect your body negatively in a number of ways, one of which is fragile, weak hair.If your eating habits are sub-par, consider taking a multi-vitamin to prevent hair loss that could come about as a side effect.Also, make a valiant effort to reduce stress in your life.Stress is a major cause of hair loss, and one of the causes that you have the power to prevent.Look to incorporate stress-reducing activities such as exercise, meditation or yoga into your daily routine, to prevent stress-induced hair loss.

You cannot naturally prevent the effects your genetic makeup will have on your predisposition for balding.You can, however, take these simple and easy steps to naturally prevent unnecessary hair loss.

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