How To Prevent Frizz When Straightening Your Hair

Tips for straightening curly hair without causing it to frizz. Advice is given on how to keep hair healthy.

If you have curls, frizz is probably something you think about daily.Whether your curls are natural or from a perm, you soon learn that curly hair has a mind of its own.Due to the way curly hair grows, it is more delicate than straight hair.Most people with curls mistakenly think they have coarse hair, when in reality their hair is fine and very susceptible to damage.

One of the most common problems with curly hair is dryness.Humidity can make curly hair frizz and fluff, causing frustration.Curly hair tends to be dry by nature.When dried out hair comes into contact with humidity, it draws the moisture out of the air.This causes the hair to swell and look fuller and frizzier.

Many women with natural curls wish for straight hair.You can go to a salon to have it straightened, or you can do it yourself. One of the biggest problems with straightening hair is fighting the frizz. Before you attempt to straighten your hair at home, there are a few things you can do to make your hair healthier.This will cut down significantly on frizz.

Treat your hair with kindness.Brushing curly hair when it is dry can be a big mistake.The hair will break and split just from running a brush through it.Stick with a wide toothed comb, and only use when the hair is damp.Never tug or pull as you comb through your hair.Do not shampoo daily; this will dry your hair out even more.Try shampooing every other day for healthier hair.

To add moisture to dry hair, use a deep conditioner once a week.After shampooing, use a leave in conditioner instead of the kind you rinse out a few minutes after applying.After getting out of the shower, gently blot excess water from your hair.Never rub with the towel--this causes damage.Use a quarter-sized dollop of leave in conditioner and run through hair with your fingers.Try to avoid applying the conditioner to the roots.The roots tend to be healthier and leave in conditioner may leave them looking greasy and weighed down.Let hair air dry on days you are not going to straighten it.Remember when using hair care items such as hair spray and mousse, anything containing alcohol will dry out your hair.They should be avoided.

The first thing to do if you want to straighten your hair is add a silicon-based serum to your hair while it is still wet.This seals the hair shaft to keep moisture in, helping to fight frizz.Avoid the roots during application.When using anti frizz serum, remember that less is more.Too much will make your hair clumpy and stiff to the touch.

Use a paddle brush made with natural fibers.Set your hair dryer on the low heat and speed setting.This will take longer, but this will help control the frizz.Use the brush to grab a section of your hair and pull it slightly away from the head.Keep hair as taunt as possible and blow dry, while drying hold the nozzle of the dryer pointing down.This is very important.If you hold the nozzle pointing upwards, the shorter hairs on your head will be blown upwards, causing frizz.Take your time with each section, pulling just enough to keep hair straight as you dry.

When hair is dry, give it a blast of cool air to add shine.If you are not satisfied with the results, you can use a straightening iron to straighten the hair even more.The best kind of straightening iron to use has ceramic plates, as apposed to metal plates.The ceramic plates are easier on the hair and cause less frizz.Some straighteners come with a water mister.Do not use water while straightening with an iron.Though it seems to help with straightening the hair, it ends up causing the hair to frizz.

In most cases a hair stylist will have better luck at getting your locks to look straight and sleek, but with a little practice you can achieve that look at home.

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