Prevent Hot Water Burns

How to prevent hot water burns to your child. How water can burn a child scaring them for life. Follow this basic advice for the safety of your children.

When raising children, parents are faced with many growing concerns. Are they getting enough to eat? Are they warm enough? Are they healthy enough? How can I keep them safe?

One way to keep your child safe from harm is to protect them from being burned, particularly from hot water. Hot water burns are easy to prevent and keep your child safe from in your home and in other homes. By following just a few simple tips, your child will be less likely to suffer from this hazard.

*Remember, a child's skin is far more delicate than an adult's skin. Hot water can very easily scar a child for life, whereas it might not seem very hot to an adult.

If you are living in your own home or renting in an area where you have access to the hot water tank, be sure the temperature is set below 120F. This temperature is still hot, but not too hot when mixed with cold water during bath time.

Always test the water before immersing your child into the bathtub. A good way to do this is while the water is running place the inside of your wrist into the stream. If it feels the slightest bit uncomfortable, adjust the water temperature. It is advised to use the inside of the wrist because it is where the skin is sensitive. Bath water thermometers are also available on the market.

If you decide to spray your child off with the showerhead or hose attachment, test the water very frequently. The water temperature from these devises is more variant than that of the water already in the bathtub. Because of this risk of accidentally burning your child using these devices, it might be a better idea to rinse them with the water already in the bathtub.

When placing your child into the bathtub, face them away from the faucet. They are less likely to play with it and burn themselves with the hot water if they cannot see it in the first place. By keeping this temptation out of your child's mind, bath time becomes a little bit less of a chore with this one less struggle to deal with.

*Remember, never ever under any circumstances should you leave your child unattended in the bathtub. Despite popular belief, no bath seat is safe enough to leave your child in unattended. No phone call, doorbell or conversation with another person is more important than protecting your child from possibly drowning or burning himself or herself while playing with the faucet.

While in the kitchen, keep children in a safe place while cooking with the stove. Remember to keep the handles of your cookware turned inward. Do not eat, drink or carry hot food or beverages around your baby due to the threat of spilling it on them accidentally. Do not use tablecloths that hang down due to the risk of your child pulling on them. If something hot is on the table when this happens, the child will become burned.

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