Prevent Job Burn Out

The things you can do to prevent you from becoming burn out from your work and enjoy your job more.

The clock goes off and you dread getting up to go to work: lately you have been feeling that way. You don't know why, you actually love what you do. But for some reason lately you have no energy and no desire to go to work. All the excitement is gone. You don't want to work another day past five o'clock and you would love to have lunch, even if you don't have anything particular to do at that time. Laying there in bed you start to imagine yourself somewhere else relaxing on some of those vacation days you haven't taken yet. That's when you discover you are burned out from work. That's all you have been doing is working and you are tired and not interested in your job anymore. You need to make some changes.

The first thing is to get yourself in a position to start leaving at a decent time everyday. No more six, seven or eight o'clock workdays. Even if you have to come in a little bit early to get a head start, it will be worth it. You need to leave when everyone else is leaving or shortly afterwards. This will make you feel like your workday is not going on forever. You want to be able to stop working everyday along with everyone else. Start taking some time for lunch. You might not be able to take a two or three hour lunch, but at least take thirty minutes to give yourself a break. That mid-day break can do wonders for your mind. It is not so important that you have something to do as it is for you to get away. The break can clear your mind and make you approach things from a new point of view.

Bringing work home is a major way to get burned out quickly. It's like you never left work. True enough you might accomplish more by working at home because there are not nearly as many interruptions that you would have at your office, but it's not good for you. Working at home at night and staying all day in the office will start to make you resentful toward your job. You will start feeling like that's all you do in life is work. Try not to bring work home unless it's very important. If it's not, let it stay at work until the next day.

Take a vacation. If you have vacation days take them to get away. If you can't take a week at one time, take a few days off. Remove yourself completely from the work scene. Try to go out of town or have planned activities in town to keep your mind completely occupied from work. Don't think or talk about your job while you are off. Everyone, during a year's time, needs a vacation from work. It doesn't matter if you are the president of the company, a secretary or you are self-employed, we all need time from our jobs.

Being burned out from work comes from when you let that job be your main focus in life. You find yourself not taking time off, not leaving at a decent hour, not taking lunch, bringing work home and working night and day. It has consumed you. Even if you love what you do, you need a break from it. When you start having the signs of being burned out, stop and do something about it right then. Don't let yourself get completely burned out from your job: you might end up walking away from something you truly love.

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