Preventing Bloating During Pregnancy

Pregnancy bloating, otherwise known as edema, is an unpleasant but natural occurence. Follow these five steps to cut down or eliminate that nasty swelling!

You watch your profile grow as each month passes.Your clothes get tighter and tighter, you begin to feel like a beached whale in bed, and just when you think there's nothing else to expand, your belly button comes popping out!Ahhh, there's nothing like the joys of those pregnancy body changes.Yet all outward growth is not unstoppable.There is one particular type of expansion afflicting many pregnant mothers that CAN be stopped with a bit of know-how and wise food choices.What is it?Edema.

Though the word "Edema" almost sounds like some exotic skin disorder, it is actually a simple swelling/bloating of your body and most commonly occurs in the feet and ankles of pregnant women.How does it happen?Remember that your body is now producing extra blood in order to deal with your baby's growth.As your uterus gets larger and larger, it begins to put pressure on both pelvic veins and the vena cava.This causes your increased circulation to hit an orange light, so to speak, and start slowing down.As this blood pools, it then forces water down into your feet and ankle tissues and bloating can soon follow.But it's not only the slower blood flow that can give you that cherubic puffy look.Another natural part of pregnancy is the increase of all those wonderful hormones that do everything from make you cry a lot to give you frizzy hair.Hormones also play a part in edema by sometimes causing expectant moms to retain excess water and thus gain excess inches.

Don't let edema get you down!There are steps you can take to prevent bloating, so read on and find some needed relief:

1. Watch what you eat!Though snack crackers, Doritos, french fries, and even soda all might be things you crave at one time or another, these tasty foods can actually be nefarious bloating agents in disguise. Stop the enemy in his tracks!Cutting out salty foods can be an effective defense against the bloating.Next time that craving hits?Remember how big your ankles can get, and instead look for some comparable snack that will satisfy your munchies without compromising your salt intake.

2. Loosen the choker.Are you a fashion nut that likes the tight look?Or do you have some really cute socks that squeeze your legs just a little too much?Well, sad to say, but you might have to give up some of your style sensibilities in order to be able to put your shoes back on.Tight clothing can affect blood flow. And as you already know, slowed down circulation can equal puffed up feet, ankles, & legs.So, put away those too tight clothing articles for now.The pregnancy won't last forever & you'll soon be able to wear them again without paying a nasty price.

3. Exercise, exercise, exercise!You've probably heard this one before from your doctor or midwife.Well, listen up!Exercising has lots of benefits for you, and one of those includes helping cut down swelling by encouraging blood circulation.If you've been putting off doing regular workouts, now is definitely a good time to stop procrastinating and start being disciplined.Even if you only walk 20 minutes a day, at least you are doing something!Your body will thank you.

4. Elevate! Propping up your feet when you are sitting around at work or home can stave off "gravity edema".When you lay in bed, use a pillow or two to raise your feet above your head.Always raising your feet might take some getting used to at first, but trust me, being consistent about it will likely pay good physical dividends.

5. Decrease by increasing.This might seem like one of the strangest steps of all, but it's a proven medical fact!By drinking more water, you will actually be helping your body lose excess water.Liquidating is vital, because it helps your kidneys function more efficiently and get rid of all that extra water.And remember, the key word is "water".Don't just settle for liquid.It's got to be H2O, pure and simple.

Getting bigger in almost every place is a part of pregnancy that just can't be avoided.And everybody thinks pregnant moms and their growing figures are cute, so it's not too bad of a deal.But keep it under control by staving off unnecessary bloating.Then you'll be happier, and can better enjoy all the wonders of the little life growing within you!

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