Princess Dianna's Death

Princess Dianna's accident and details of her funeral.

There is probably no better-known royalty than Princess Diana Spencer. Princess Di captured the heart of the entire world with her grace, beauty and humanitarian efforts. She was loved by nearly everyone who knew her, and showed kindness to everyone she met. When the first reports of Diana's death hit the news wires everyone was in shock. Most people remember exactly where they were when they heard the news. The death of Princess Di was one of the most important tragedies of the twentieth century.

Princess Diana Spencer's death occurred in Paris France, on August 31, 1997. She died in a car accident, while being chased by paparazzi. The crash happened in a tunnel near the Ponti De L'alma, which is a bridge over the river Seine, west of Paris. The bridge is well known because the Eiffel tower can be seen from it.

Princess Diana was killed on an early Sunday morning August 31, 1997. Diana was not the only one to die in this tragic car crash. Princess Diana's fiancé Dodi Fayed and the driver of the Mercedes car also died in the crash. Princess Diana was taken to La Pitie Salpetriere, which is one of the finest hospitals in all of Europe. The condition of Diana was at first considered serious until the surgeons discovered that her coronary artery was ruptured. The surgeons then changed her condition to grave. Princess Diana died after two hours in surgery at 4:00 am. It was 4 hours after the car had crashed. The doctors didn't actually announce her death until 4:30 am. Princess Diana was 36 years old at the time of her death.

It was stated that even the best-equipped hospital in the world would have been unlikely to save the Princess. Steven Miles, a consultant at the Royal London Hospital said that the extent of her injuries would have required heroic resuscitation efforts that were rarely successful. He stated that her injuries were mortal.

Diana's Family and the English monarchy were informed of the princess' death at about 5am. Her boys who were to catch up with her that day were told of their mother's death. Buckingham Palace stated that they were terribly distraught and thought that it was an accident waiting to happen. They believe that some thing should have been done about Paparazzi long before now.

The high-speed accident caused many injuries to Princess Diana. The extent of her injuries were head injuries, broken arm, serious leg injuries, chest injuries including broken ribs, and ruptured coronary artery. A doctor reported that Princess Diana suffered a heart attack due to the lack of blood. This happened despite being given 15-30 pints of blood. There were twelve doctors that worked on Princess Diana to save her life. Her death was inevitable; the statement from the hospital read, "Despite the closure of the laceration and external and internal heart massage lasting two hours no circulation was able to be restored. It is believed that even had the Princess' life had been saved she would have suffered from severe permanent brain damage.

Paris police arrested seven photographers for the cause of the accident that killed Princess Diana. The photographers were chasing after the Mercedes that the Princess and her fiancé were in. These photographers were thought to be chasing the couple in hopes of getting some pictures of Diana and her fiancé. They would in turn sell these pictures to British and American tabloids. There have been numerous incidents of paparazzi causing accidents and mayhem among celebrities and French officials wanted to make examples of these people.

The Mercedes was traveling at the approximate speed of eighty miles an hour. The Ponti De L'alma where the accident occurred was in a restricted speed area. The Mercedes hit a concrete barrier. It was widely reported that the driver of Princess DI's car had been drinking, and may have been drunk at the time of her accident. There were some reports that there were photographers taking pictures of the accident with in 10 seconds of the crash.

The funeral ceremony of Princess Diana was private. The service for the princess lasted sixty-four minutes with a combination of ancient and modern style. This was a fitting tribute to the life of Princess Diana. Elton John sang the song he wrote for her "Candle in the wind." Some of the words of that song were "Your candles burned out long before your legend ever will". All the music that was chosen at her funeral service reflected Diana's taste of music. Her son Prince William made the request for the song My Country to be at the services.

Princess Diana's coffin was carried to the high alter of the Cathedral by an honor guard of red-coated soldiers. The coffin was draped in Royal standard. There were eight pallbearers from the Welsh guards, which carried the coffin into the Abbey as big Ben struck Eleven am. Dr. George Carey gave thanks for the princesses' life and prayed for her sons that were behind. Diana's sons Prince William and Prince Harry only showed their emotion once during the ceremony and that was during Elton Johns Song. Speakers on the inside as well as the outside of the church relayed the Funeral, and many mourners cried throughout the service.

Princess Diana Spencer was laid to rest on an island in the center of a small ornamental lake, also known as the Oval. This lake is within the grounds of the Althorp Park. Her ceremony was only a few minutes long. The original plan was to bury her in the Spencer family crypt beneath the church of St. Mary the Virgin, in nearby Great Brington. The plans were changed due to worries of the family about tourists. The family grounds will be open to the public a few weeks a year in order to allow tourist to see Diana's final resting place.

The world definitely suffered a great loss on August 31, 1997, when Princess Diana Spencer of Whales was killed in a car accident. She was an ambassador of not only the English Monarchy, but of all the suffering people of the world. The princess was able to crossover many social, economic and political barriers: with her grace, beauty, and care. There has never been a member of Royalty that was so well received as Princess DI. It seems that the whole world knew and loved her. Her untimely death has caused many people to take up the causes, which Diana had championed. Though her death was tragic, it helped many people to get involved with charities and causes that they normally would never had cared about. It seems that even in her death Diana helped the world to be a better place.

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