Principles For Delivering Good Customer Service

This article will give 10 tips on how to offer good customer service. It will benefit both new and experienced workers who deal with customers.

How many times have you been in a store to purchase something and the service was just terrible?

The clerk might have been chatting on the phone with a friend while ringing up your order. You might have been standing at a counter waiting for help while the employees ignored you and pretended not to see you.

You might have walked into a store and observed that the employees were just standing around doing what appeared to be nothing! You might have asked a clerk for help, only to get a big sigh from them in return.

If you have experienced any of these scenarios and you are a supervisor, the following article can help you to help your employees give better customer service.

1. Appear friendly. Even if you are having a bad day, no need to take it out on your customer! Smile and try to help the patron in a friendly way. Your attitude can say a lot about you and whether or not you get repeat customers.

2. Go the extra mile. If you are helping a customer and seem to run into a dead end, try to go the extra mile. Call another store for an item they are seeking. Carry their bags out to their car (or arrange for someone to do this for them).

3. Pay attention to the customer. Make sure to give the customer your full attention when you are assisting them. Do not ever talk on the phone when helping someone or when ringing him or her up unless it is related to the transaction at hand.

4. Make eye contact. When you are dealing with a customer, be sure to make eye contact with them. This will make them feel that you are paying attention to them and will also make sure that they hear what you have to say. It¡¦s difficult to hear someone if they are not looking at you when they speak.

5. Give notice to other patrons that you will be right with them. If you are helping a customer and have several others waiting in line, be sure to tell them briefly that you are sorry for the wait and that you will be with them as soon as possible.

6. Keep brochures and literature stocked up. If you work for a store or business that routinely keeps brochures on hand, make sure that you have plenty available in their racks to any customers who may be interested in browsing through them.

7. Be courteous. Always be polite and courteous to your customers. Call them Mr. or Ms or Mr. or Ma¡¦am. If you are acquainted with the customer, using their name will also make them feel important (i.e. Mr. Smith, or Mrs. Jones).

8. Tell them what you ¡¥can¡¦ do. Oftentimes we are faced with having to say no to a customer for a particular demand that they have. It softens the blow much more if you tell the customer what you can do for them. This makes them feel like you care about them.

9. Have price tags on items. Make sure that items in your store have prices on them where applicable. Most businesses use bar codes and scan the price into the cash register, however, customers still want to see the dollar amount when they pick up the item.

10. Look busy. The store may be very slow one evening, and you might have already dusted 3 times, but it is still good practice to find something to do. Try to look busy even if you aren't. Some customers get upset when they see employees just standing around, not to mention the boss might get upset as well.

Now that you have some tips on providing good customer service, share these with your employees and see if you can show some improvement in these areas if necessary. Good luck!

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