Procactive Acne Treatment

Proactive acne treatments and solutions for a remedy or the prevention of break outs.

Acne is not just a problem for teens. It can also affect many adults as well. Sometimes finding causes for outbreaks of acne will help in treating and controlling it. It is also important to understand how and why acne develops. The website article "What Medications are Used to Treat Acne?", written and published by Marcella Garcia, provides the following information on how various forms of acne develop. Acne occurs when secretions put out by the sebaceous glands become blocked. These glands are located in hair follicles of the skin. They normally serve to lubricate the skin, but when these openings are plugged pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, or cysts develop. The clogged sebum appears as a bump called a comedone. When it stays closed it is considered a whitehead. If the bump opens the area exposed to the air sometimes turns black. According to "Taking Care of Your Child", published in 1990 by Addison-Wesley, this blackened spot, commonly called a blackhead, is also known as a keratin plug or melanin. "What Medications are Used to Treat Acne?" says when the pressure within the comedone pushes the sebum to the surface of the skin pimples and cysts often develop.

The website article entitled "Acne Treatment for the New Millennium", written and published in 1999 by the American Academy of Dermatology, says there are many factors that may lead to acne. These factors include genetic inheritance and overstimulated oil producing hormones. Many people with acne had parents who were troubled with acne. "Acne Treatment for the New Millennium" says the integral parts responsible for the genetic inheritance of acne have not been discovered yet. The oil producing hormones that can be a cause are male hormones present in both males and females. The same article says this is what triggers the release of the acne causing sebum. "What Medications are Used to Treat Acne" says some outside factors such as irritating make-up, steroids, medicines used in the treatment of epilepsy, some birth control medications, and high humidity may cause acne. Some people believe certain foods cause outbreaks of acne, but the same article says this is not true.

"Taking Care of Your Child" provides several suggestions for treating and controlling acne. It first suggests cleaning the skin several times a day with a mild cleanser and a warm facial cloth to help remove keratin plugs and irritating oil. It says that keeping the skin clean will not prevent acne. Washing regularly will help existing acne from becoming worse.

A medication containing five percent benzoyl peroxide, applied to the skin once every two days, can be beneficial in treating and controlling acne. It says medications containing benzoyl peroxide cause the surface of the skin to lightly peel. This gentle removal of skin can help keep the sebaceous glands from becoming clogged. Although they are effective, these acne medications do not work right away. It may be necessary to use them for several weeks to achieve results. If these medications seem to be ineffective after several weeks of regular use an increase of ten percent benzoyl peroxide may be applied each day. If there is any irritation do not continue using the product. Make sure label directions are read and followed carefully when treating and controlling acne.

Another recommended treatment is the use of the medication tretinoin. This works like benzoyl peroxide and is available by prescription only. For some people tretinoin causes irritation. When this medication is not effective erthromycin or tetracycline can be used. These antibiotics are administered in the form of an oral or topical medication that is prescribed by a doctor.

The website entitled "Doctor's Guide - Personal Edition", published by P\S\L\ Consulting Group Incorporated in 2000, provides information on the acne medication "Azelex". This topical medication contains twenty percent azelaic acid and is for the treatment of acne which is mildly to moderately severe. It is made from a natural material extracted from wheat. Azelex is said to improve the complexion within a month. There are very few people who experience side effects with this medication. The few people who experienced problems reported tingling, itching, stinging, and/or burning. Talk to your physician and find out what medications are currently available for treating and controlling acne.

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