What Is The Process Of Candle Making At Home?

What is the process of candle making at home? Learn the process of candle making. Safety is the primary thing to consider, whether it is adults doing it or adults with kids. Safety is number one in terms...

Safety is the primary thing to consider, whether it is adults doing it or adults with kids. Safety is number one in terms of making candles. The easiest way to make candles at home is to start with a pouring pot with a handle on it. You are going to melt your wax in this. Then, put that in a double boiler where you have water. The hot water will melt your wax. You should never have wax in direct contact with an open flame. You are going to basically take it up to a temperature that would be determined really by what kind of candle you are going to be make. Ideally, any wax could be heated up to around 170 to 180 and will work with most applications. So the temperature gets up to about 170 or 180 degrees. You can add your color and your fragrance. You stir the ingredients together and then you pour into your mold.

Q: How long does it take from there to get the candle finished?

Generally, a lot depends on room temperature, but anywhere from 4-8 hours. That's how long wax takes to set up.

Q: Do you just leave it outside in room temperature to dry?

Yes. We always recommend that you wait until the next day to take it out of the mold. As you learn more and more about it, you may find a smaller candle, one that is 2 x 3 inches. If you poured your wax in the morning, by that night you should be able to take it out of the mold.

Aluminium tends to be good for all types of waxes. Lots of people use old tea kettles for candle making. The key is the handle because you need that.

Q: Can you put it in the refrigerator to cool faster?

It will cool faster in a refrigerator. Yes. However, putting candles into the refrigerator will change how the candle sets. If you put it in too early sometimes it can crack the candle. You can change the look of the candle if you place it into the freezer, as well. So changing procedures or processes in candle making can and will effect the candle, just like pouring candles into different molds or material can change the complexion.

In candlemaking, you are always learning. One of the things that is unique about candles, is you can take a particular wax and pour it into a mold that is aluminium and pour it into a different mold and you will get two different looks. Pouring temperatures will create different looks.

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