What Is The Process Of Feng Shui Decorating?

What is the process of Feng Shui decorating? Learn how the process of Feng Shui works. Decorating your home is one of the most rewarding tasks you can do; however, it also can be one of the most challenging....

Decorating your home is one of the most rewarding tasks you can do; however, it also can be one of the most challenging. Not only are there colors to think about but also fabrics and furniture and where to put what furniture pieces and the list can go on and on.

To your rescue is feng shui, the ancient Chinese art and science of your relationship to your physical environment. During the past ten years, feng shui has progressed to a more common practice in the United States, however, there still is much confusion as to what true feng shui is and the best ways to practice it in your home, especially when it comes to your decor.

Shelia Wright, a PSYCH-K facilitator and feng shui and energy balancing specialist, offers some great background knowledge of feng shui and advice on her website, Bestfengshuipractices.com.

As a professional feng shui practitioner, Wright shares that feng shui is more than just about where you place your furniture and what colors you use in certain areas of your home. Good feng shui has more to do with finding favorable directions and knowing how our environment and our living spaces affect these favorable directions.

When Wright does a consultation, she asks her clients what they know about feng shui and what they would like in their lives from a feng shui consultation. Then she asks for a floor plan of the living space and the birth dates of all the people living in the home.

Using this information, Wright then calculates all the residents' favorable directions: "Everyone has four good directions and four not so good directions. I just give you the good directions. I do not project fear; I come from a place of empowerment," says Wright. "Let's say that in order to face a good direction it would mean that you'd have your back to the door. Well, that is not good to have a back to a door, so you are better off to take form first and face the door and have a commanding position in the room than to worry about your good direction."

According to Wright, there are so many different feng shui schools, books and practitioners that disagree on what is good and bad feng shui; these disparate opinions can confuse you. She recommends that you work with a professional and make sure you trust the person and agree with their methods.

"There are so many different things to look at and so many different aspects of identifying and interpreting chi or energy. Any Feng Shui practitioner is going to have to balance all of these things out with what is best for the situation, the house and the people in the house," Wright added.

You can go to Fengshuidirectory.com to find a professional feng shui master or practitioner in your area.
In the meantime, Wright suggests that you follow some basic decorating principles in each area of your home to lift chi. These areas are based on the nine directions. Be sure to visit her website, Bestfengshuipractices.com, to learn the spoken affirmations that should accompany these decorating tips.

North Direction - Career:
1. If you desire to work at a particular company, place business cards or brochures from that company in this area.

2. Use pictures or items that represent your desired career.
3. Don't keep anything that is broken or doesn't work in this area of the home.

Southwest Direction - Marriage & Partnerships:
1. Place pictures of your and your partner. Make sure they are representative of happiness.
2. If you are not with the person you desire, place pictures of that person (in silhouette) and yourself in this area of the home.
3. Always use pairs of objects in this area, such as birds or hearts.
4. Place anything that symbolizes love in this area of the home.

East Direction -Family & Health:
1. Place pictures of your family during happy times.
2. Have pictures that represent strong, healthy bodies.
3. Use art or pictures that suggest quality family-time, such as family celebrations or days in the park.
4. Decorate with any other symbol that you associate with health and family.

Southeast Direction -Wealth & Prosperity:
1. Hang or place pictures which to you represent wealth.
2. Use your most expensive items or most beautiful decorative pieces in this area.
3. Any other symbol that represents abundance or a continual supply from the Creator is the perfect object to place in this area.

Center of the home - Balances and harmonizes/Health:
1. Use any item that represents the sacred to you.
2. If there is an object, such as the yin yang symbol, that represents balance to you, use it here.
3. Place a small, round faceted crystal and a positive intention for balance in your life, accompanied with an intention for harmony and health for the entire home.

Northwest Direction - Helpful People & Travel:
1. Use pictures or objects of mentors, clients, customers, or employees that you would like to attract to you.
2. Use objects that you strongly associate with your spiritual or religious beliefs.
3. Use flags or brochures of the countries you are interested in visiting.

West Direction -Children, Creativity:
1. Place pictures of your children in this area of your home.
2. If you don't have children, hang art work of children.
3. You also can use objects that represent young children.
4. Don't forget to use objects that represent your creativity, such as writing and art supplies and books.

Northeast Direction - Knowledge & Self-cultivation:
1. Here, place any books, tapes or other materials that you are currently studying.
2. Hang artwork that represents contemplative settings.
3. Use items that represent meditation or contemplation.

South Direction - Reputation & Fame:
1. Place a picture of yourself that you enjoying seeing.
2. Place any object that for you represents your achievements. These items can be diplomas, awards or trophies.

Remember that what Wright offers are suggestions. You are the best judge of what enhances your space or doesn't, however, working with a professional is the best bet for the best chi in your home decor.

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