What Is The Process Of Handwriting Analysis?

What is the process of handwriting analysis? Learn how handwriting experts process your written word. We look for emotional responses, how someone responded in situations. We ask ourselves are they outgoing,...

We look for emotional responses, how someone responded in situations. We ask ourselves are they outgoing, impulsive, objective, calm, or introverted? Next thing we look for are their thinking patterns: slow, quick thinkers, are they intuitive or political? Next thing we look for is the stress level, if a person has a temper. It is an overall evaluation not a one-for-one. It is a graphic interpretation, and you come up with a picture of the personality. We also look for fear, defenses, goals, communication skills, achievement traits, business aptatitude, and social skills. It can be interpreted in any language.

Q: Is there a difference between right or left handed writers?

A: There is no difference. When someone writes and they are emotional, the slant of the writing indicates how emotional they are in situations. The further right you slant the more emotional you are; the further left you write the less emotion you are. If you are left handed and you are emotional, you will scrunch your paper around to make your handwriting fit. Many right handed people write with a left handed slant and sometimes they mess up their papers because they smudge the ink.

Q: What about sloppy writing?
A: Everything means something. Again, we evaluate the reasons why it may be sloppy. It could be that they think faster then they can write. It could be that they are erratic in their thinking; it could be a doctor's handwriting and they have so much to do, that they only write clear enough for a pharmacist to read.

Q: Do you use this study on children?
A: We don't until they are about 13, because they are still being trained and taught. Plus, sometimes they are forced to write a certain way and they have not been able to write the way they want to.

Q: Is there anything different with ambidextrous writers?

A: Yes, you can see different traits.

Q: Where can you learn about Graphology?

A: There are different places where you can train. People can take an adult education course. Some universities around the U.S. do offer two year courses in Graphology. There are also home study courses.

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