Professional Highlight Color Ideas For Light Hair

Color suggestions for highlighting light colored hair plus all natural recipes to use for highlighting.

No matter what color your hair is, you can always give it more pizzazz and brighten it up with highlights.

There are many commercial products available on the market to highlight your hair.These work exceptional well, and you can pick how temporary or permanent your highlights will be.Temporary color or highlights is a great way to try out a new look without a long commitment.If you use a packaged highlighter, you will need o follow the instructions carefully and make sure you have the required equipment.It is much easier to do if you have a friend help you.

Following is a chart with highlight suggestions.Find your hair color in the left hand column.The suggested color for highlights is listed in the right hand column.

If your hair is:Try this for highlighting:

Light beige blonde light golden brown

Medium brown golden brown

Brownish blonde light ash blonde

Dark blonde light ash blonde

Strawberry blonde pale blonde

Light ash brown light blonde

Light ash brown platinum ash blonde

Medium ash brown platinum ash blonde

Light ash brown light golden blonde

Medium ash blonde medium golden blonde

Honey blonde golden blonde

Light honey brown light auburn

These are of course, just suggestions, and these names are common to just about all brands of hair coloring.Make sure you follow the directions given for highlighting only.

There are also many natural products that can be used to give your hair highlights and added shine. The products you use depend on the color hair you have.The more you use these products the more definitive your highlights will be.You will also need to repeat the processes as you notice the highlights beginning to fade.

With each of these recipes, you should add the amount of herbs prescribed to 1 quart of water, double the recipe (add to 2 quarts water) for longer hair. If you are using fresh herbs, flowers or petals, boil them in water for 10 minutes, strain and allow water to cool before using. This is best done over a large bowl in a sink.As the water runs off your hair into the bowl, use a measuring cup to scoop it up and pour it over your hair again.You should pour the rinse through your hair 20 - 30 times.After the last time, squeeze excess water from your hair, wrap it in a towel and let set for up to a half an hour (less time for shorter hair as you don't want it to dry).If it is sunny outside, wrap a towel around your shoulders instead and sit in the sun.Do not allow your hair to dry completely.Rinse hair with clear water.

For blonde hair, try these products: (remember to add to water!)

1) ½ cup lemon juice

2) 2 cups marigold petals

3) ¼ cup turmeric

4) ¼ cup calendula

5) ½ cup chamomile

6) ¼ cup catnip

7) ¼ cup nettle

8) ¼ cup parsley

For light brown hair:

1) black tea (use 4 tea bags)

2) black coffee (no need to add water)

3) boil an unpeeled potato in the water

4) 1/3 cup rosemary

5) ¼ cup sage

6) ¼ cup parsley

For Redheads:

1) ½ cup rosehips

2) ¼ cup cloves

3) black coffee

4) ¼ cup calendula

5) hibiscus tea (use 4 tea bags)

6) 2 cups marigold petals

7) 1 cup bleeding heart petals

Whether you're a light brown, blonde, or even a redhead, highlights bring out color and shine you probably didn't even know you had.

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