Prom Hair Styles: Updo Vs Down

Compares wearing hair up to wearing hair down on prom night. Offers tips on what to consider when choosing a prom hairstyle.

It is that time of year when you must start preparing for the biggest dance of your high school life - the prom. The big night requires a lot of preparation. You must find a dress, pick your shoes, decide on makeup and, of course, your hair. For some the choice may seem simple, but because this is such a big night more than a minute should be spent on deciding exactly what prom 'do to do. One of the best tips is that hair should be worn in a style that would be different than what you usually do. For example, if you always wear your hair up then go with a down style or visa versa. That doesn't always end up being the best option, though. There are pros and cons to both the updo and wearing your hair down.

Updo's are the classic idea for prom hair. Most people usually think of a swept up French roll with tendrils lightly framing the face. However, there is more to the updo than a French roll. Updo's are good for a warm prom night because it will keep the hair off your neck. They are also good to keep your hair neat while you get down on the dance floor. Updo's also offer a variety of options that are not limited by the length of your hair. From classic to modern twists the updo will keep you cool, neat and looking great.

Wearing your hair down may be unusual for the busy high schooler who relies on the trademark ponytail, but the prom isn't your run-of-the-mill school function. Wearing your hair down offers you the ability to change things for after prom functions by switching to an updo. For those early proms where the night may be a little chilly down do's offer a bit of comfort. Down do's can offer you the chance to do something completely different, such as going from super straight to romantic curls. Wearing your hair down can be a nice way to vary your look and really set you out in the crowd.

While each hairstyle offers some nice pro's there are other factors to consider also. You may not be so sure of the exact weather conditions until the day of the prom so basing your choice on the weather may not work. For others spending the money to have a perfect 'do done by a professional may not fit into the prom budget. Your prom hairstyle choice should be based on what you think is best for you and what you have the money or ability to do. You will also have to consider the length of your hair as some styles just may not work for your length. If you just can not decide whether up or down is for you then try a half up and half down style. Whatever you chose, keep in mind that it isn't all about the hair. In ten years you'll remember the fun you had, not how your hair looked.

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