Prom Night Hair Style Ideas For Brunettes

Depending on their hair length, brunettes have many informal or formal hairstyle options to choose from when preparing for their prom.

Proms are a special time for teenage girls, thus it is important that not only do they pick the right dress, but the perfect hairstyle as well.Brunettes have a variety of different prom hairstyles to choose from.When choosing the perfect hairstyle, some factors must be taken into consideration.Factors can include the length of the hair, and whether the brunette chooses to be more informal or formal in appearance.

For brunettes with hair that is in a pixie-style cut, a way to make the hairstyle stand out at the prom would be to add some decorative hairpins around the crown of the head, or to wear a delicate tiara.Brunettes with hair the just reaches the shoulders could leave the hair down long and create curls with a curling iron.Brunettes with hair of this length could also take several sections of hair at the crown of the head about an inch wide, and French braid each section for a unique effect.For brunettes with shorter hair other options include spraying the hair with glitter, or adding hair jewels like rhinestones in colors that match their dress.

Brunettes with hair that reaches below the shoulders truly have the most hairstyle options in regards to wearing their hair up.If they choose to wear their hair partially down they could incorporate the hairstyle ideas mentioned above.Those who choose to wear their hair up must consider whether they want a more formal or informal hairstyle.A popular hairstyle choice among teenagers today is the messy bun, which could be viewed as either informal or formal depending on what the brunette chooses to accessorize the hairstyle with.It must be remembered that, attractive as a messy bun is, it is one of those hairstyles that requires a lot of hairspray to keep it intact.For a brunette that plans on frequently dancing at the prom, the messy bun should be approached with caution.A classic hairstyle that looks very attractive on any face shape is the hair parted at an angle and secured at the base of the neck in a bun.This was the hairstyle that Gwyneth Paltrow wore when she won an Academy Award for Shakespeare in Love.Such a hairstyle has been a formal favorite for celebrities for many years, and for the brunette to choose such a hairstyle for the prom is an excellent option.Another hairstyle option is for the brunette to have the hair around the crown of the hair twisted back in half-inch sections, and the rest of the hair pulled back into a high ponytail and styled in curls so that they cascade down around the brunettes face and shoulders.

Brunettes may follow the above examples, or design their own hairstyles for this special occasion.Brunettes should, of course, choose a comfortable hairstyle that does not feel too tight, as the brunette wants nothing to get in the way of her having the best time possible.Proms are indeed memorable occasions, and it is important to choose a hairstyle that makes the brunette look and feel her best.

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