What Is The Proper Hair Coloring Technique?

What is the proper hair coloring technique? Professionals are all trained differently in applying color, but some use inventive techniques to increase lasting power of color. I think it depends how the person...

I think it depends how the person is trained. As long as the result is good, that is the main thing. I was trained different from other hair stylists. I have been trained with foils. Almost everybody does. I also work with a knife not a spatula and not a brush. I work with a knife because I found that it is easier to spread the color, like cream cheese on a bagel.

Also with the highlights, I figured out to get as close to the scalp as possible. So this way, with this technique, I discovered that my clients will take another month to come back. Of course, it's not good for the business but it's always better for the client. There are many people who come back and tell me I think my hair grew out slower this time. It's my secret. It depends how thick the color is because some colors are so runny you need to use a bottle. Some colors are so thick; they don't come out of the nozzle, so you need to use the brush. So it really depends on what color I am using, what brand I am using and then from there I will use certain brushes or bottles.

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