What Is The Proper Length For Capri Pants?

Capri pants are everywhere and are a great choice for every season. Here are some tips for incorporating this great style into your wardrobe.

Capri pants have become one of the hottest fashion looks in recent years. This great wardrobe essential, which was named in honor of the Isle of Capri, can be worn summer, fall, winter, and spring, and is appropriate for casual and business wear if properly accessorized.But there are a few basics of which you should be aware before donning your first pair of these fun pants.

First of all, the proper length for capri pants should fall midway between the knee and ankle, as opposed to pedal pushers or clam diggers, which fall just below the knee.Pants that fall above the ankle but longer than the range of the capri, look like what they are - pants that are too short!

Women with long legs should avoid the shorter versions of these pants, and look for styles that are a bit longer.Capris aren't always flattering for shorter women, or those who have short legs.Avoid capris that are tight on the calf as they tend to ride up, emphasizing a thicker calf, and may be uncomfortable.Loose fitting capris that hit mid-calf are both comfortable to wear and the most flattering.

Capris are the best of both worlds, really, in that they offer the coolness of shorts but with more coverage, plus, they are incredibly versatile.For casual wear, pair up capris with a halter or tank top, and kicky, flat shoes or sandals.They work with sneakers and clogs as well.A great look is to pair up a tank top with a man-tailored shirt, tied at the waist.The shirt can be discarded when the temperature rises!

Capris are available for summer in bright colors and prints.A pair of black flowered capris with a tank top that picks up one of the colors is just right for a casual summer evening.Solids in pink, yellow, green, black, and red pair up neatly with a contrasting colored top. The possibilities are endless!

Denim capris are perfect for summer fun, as well as being a great choice for women who are not as comfortable in shorts.Pick up a couple of pairs, one in dark, unwashed denim, and another in a lighter color.You can also find denim in other colors including khaki, which is quite versatile, or white, which is another great choice for summer.

Capris can also go to work, but it is important to take care in pairing them up correctly.Try wearing a pair of capris with a short jacket, low or flat heels, and dark hose.Several designers featured capri pantsuits.The pants are a bit fuller than those worn for casual wear, and may be a bit longer as well, depending on your taste.Look for lightweight wools or linens for spring and summer months, and perhaps a tweed or striped wool for fall and winter.High boots look great with capris in the winter, and this look can be a nice change from wearing a skirt.

If you are considering wearing cropped pants to work, however, be sure to get a copy of your company's dress policy from your Human Resources department to make sure they are in fact allowed. Remember, clothing that is distracting and has the potential to call attention away from the business at hand is often too casual for a business environment.

When selecting capris for either business or casual wear, make sure to try on several different manufacturer's styles since they are all sized differently.When you find a style that is comfortable and flattering, pick up a couple of pairs in different colors.Basic black is always a smart choice since it can be matched up with tops that you already own.

When picking tops to wear with capris, avoid long sleeved shirts unless you are going to be wearing it over a tank or sleeveless top. For summer, cotton twin sets work really well with capris and can really dress up a pair for work.Avoid wearing heavy sweaters or long blazers, though, as the shorter pant doesn't look balanced with a heavy top.

As always, let your shape dictate the fit of any pants that you intend to buy.Make sure to check out the fit from all angles, and if you are heavier, avoid tight, stretchy styles.Instead, go for a looser fit that will be both flattering and comfortable to wear.

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