Proper Posture And Pilates

Proper Posture and Pilates. Pilates teaches proper posture promoting balance and flexibility to prevent degenerative disc disease. Pilates continued to develop his art after the war. He thought the industrial...

Pilates continued to develop his art after the war. He thought the industrial revolution was taking people out of their physical self and plopping them down in an office. He was right. The #1 cause of degenerative disc disease is sitting in a weird way. It's kind of having a decaying tooth that affects the teeth next to it. If you sit on your right hip with your left foot up on the chair, you're going to start you to shorten up one side. And sitting is one of the worst things that you can do besides walking and running. Walking puts 10 times your body weight on every joint, and running puts 100 times your body weight on your joints. Compression causes a lot of injury and loss of bone mass. He developed his work to get people out of this sort of seated stupor. He said it was to "wake up their brains." Pilates won't tell somebody what's going to happen next or what the end result is going to be. It will create a visual cue that results in breaking habits and creating balance. We do a lot of lateral work as well, because we don't always realize that having strength on one side of the body and flexibility on the other doesn't create balance.

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