When Is The Proper Time To Stop Breastfeeding?

When is the proper time to stop breastfeeding? Women should breastfeed for at least six months before weaning their baby to create a maternal bond. I think it's different for everyone. My professional recommendation...

I think it's different for everyone. My professional recommendation is that you should breastfeed at least six months. Six months is a good time to start introducing solid food, so if a baby can get nothing but breast milk for the first six months, that's a good start. Another important thing is for the mom to enjoy the breastfeeding relationship. If she sits down to nurse and feels like she is not doing it right or she wishes she was doing something else, she's losing the benefits of nursing and bonding. I had a client who felt guilty because she breastfed the second one but not the first one. She talked about how much stronger the bond was. A mom should enjoy the relationship even though there are hard times when she may not sleep as much as she would like.

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