Proper Way To Clean Your Paint Brushes

Learn the proper way to get your paint brushes clean for a lifetime of use.

How many times have you tried to clean your paintbrushes, only to find that the brush fell in the can? It is now soaked in paint all over the brush and has made a terrible mess.

Get yourself an old coffee can with a lid, preferably with a clear plastic top. A gallon can or quart is fine. This way you can see in the can without removing the top. With the top removed, and without cutting yourself, make an X in the top of the lid. Pour your paint thinner in the can half filling it.

Now take the lid in one hand and the paintbrush in another. Insert the handle from the bottom of the lid through the top of the lid, pulling out the handle as far as it can go. Now push the brush back in, just as far as to submerse it in the thinner.

Now put the top back on the can, and use the handle to stir the paintbrush in the mixture with the lid on the can. Leave the brush to sit for several hours.

After several hours have passed, go and stir the paintbrush again. All the time you are doing this, you may have noticed that no thinner has splashed on you or the paint. If you no longer need to soak the brush, pull back up on the handle until the brush comes out of the paint thinner.

This can be done anytime you want to clean your brushes. Just make another can like this one if you need more. The paintbrush will never dry out. It's in the can where no moisture is. If you like to keep your paintbrushes and cans in the garage, you won't have to worry about bugs getting in the can, the top is on!

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