How To Properly Fit Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots do not fit?: Tips on measuring feet, choosing heel height and boot structure was well as tips for knowing when your boot fits well.

Cowboy boots do not fit like regular shoes. You cannot always be sure, when you go to buy a pair of cowboy boots that the sales person will have any skill, or even any knowledge, in fitting boots. Moreover, you cannot trust his or her own experience in purchasing shoes as a guide to properly fitting cowboy boots. No one wants to go into a store and purchase something that she will not be able to wear comfortably, especially if it is a large purchase (which cowboy boots often are, being that prices run from forty dollars to several hundred dollars per pair). Here's how to properly fit your boot so as to get the most out of your hard earned dollars.

When you first enter a store to buy a pair of cowboy boots, as with buying shoes, the first thing you need to do is measure the size of your feet. Feet are different sizes at different times of day, larger in the evening than in the morning. Never buy a pair of boots first thing in the morning. They will be too tight when you wear them out boot-scootin' at night. Never buy boots at night after a long day on your feet. You will swim in them in the mornings. Instead, buy your boots at midday or in the midafternoon, when you feet are in an in-between stage. Each foot is a different size, varying by as much as one whole size, so measure both feet!

After you have measured your feet, take a look at the shape of your toes. Boot toes come in many different cuts. Some boots have very pointy toes, others have very boxy toes, others have very rounded toes. If your toes are boxy, you probably won't be able to find a comfortable pair of boots with pointy toes. This is especially important for women as many boots have very pointy toes.

Next, look at the depth of your foot from the arch to the top of your foot. For women, if your foot is very deep, you may have touble finding a boot which does not bind. A boy's or a small men's size may be your best bet. This goes doubly for wide feet. Men's boots are normally made at a D width where women's boots are usually made at a B width. If your foot is wide, look for a boot labeled as wide or go look in the boys department.

Next choose a heel height. Both men's and women's boots come in a variety of heel heights. For general wear, men, children and dancing, you'll want something between three-quarters of and inch and one and three-quarters of an inch. For night life, a woman's boot heel can go as high as she feels comfortable wearing.

After you've looked at your foot and at your size, go find a pair of boots that suits both your taste and the structure of your foot. Now comes the fun part, trying the boot on. Roll up your pant to just below the knee and pull the boot on with the tabs at the top. Your foot should slide easily and the seam where the leg of the boot attaches to the shoe part of the boot should not bind. The leg should be loose and comfortable and the seam should be comfortably snug. You should be able to wiggle your toes slightly and when you walk, your heel should slide just a little in the heel of the boot. If you buy a leather boot, you may want to buy it slightly tighter than you would buy a corresponding synthetic boot. Leather stretches over time, synthetic does not.

Whether it is for an adult or a child, a man or a woman, a boy or a girl, proper fitting of a cowboy boot is the key to a pleasant wearing experience. A good pair of boots can last years with proper care. It is on the side of wisdom to get a pair of boots that will for and be comfortable for every day of every one of those years.

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