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How to win by placing $50 bets on MLB baseball games.

So how does anyone ever make money gambling on professional sports?

Through the course of my long and tortured life, I have stumbled upon a system that, I cannot tell a lie, is virtually fool-proof way to make money.

The key to a great gambler is to play in a manner and in a system that is above the game, this way the game is taken out of the equation. When you get down to it, winning and losing is a matter of mathematics more than anything else.

The difference between gambling on professional baseball and every other major sport is that on baseball you only pick the winner. Certainly, you get odds on your bet, but all that is necessary is that you pick the winner. The NFL, NHL, and the NBA all ask you to not to pick the winner, but to choose a point-spread, which is essentially you deciding the score. Not an easy task.

But most gamblers take their best shot anyway, even though in this instance, the odds are stacked against them in a big way. Miracle touchdowns, so-called "back door covers" are a well know term to the bad beats of NFL and NBA gambling.

Baseball does it a bit differently, rewarding a bet upon the underdog with a great payout if you win. And if you lose, you only lose what you bet. For example:

If you bet the straight bets that have been discussed of $50, the paper will have a "line" on the game that may look like this: Yankees 6 ½ - 7 ½ Blue Jays. In this case the Yankees are the favorite. it's a little confusing at this point because mathematics takes over at this point, but understand this: its all about picking a winner. If you choose the Yanks, you will get back your $50 plus about another $25. Not exactly what you bet, but that's the price of betting on the favorite. But the beauty is not the amount won, but the fact that you DID win. So who cares how much you pull in? There's no risk with this longtime method of getting under the game of baseball.

But through this baseball gambling system, one can, over the course of an entire season, make money guaranteed. And here it is.

If a team has won or lost 3 games in a row, bet on them to continue that streak. Don't bet on a pitcher, don't bet on individual players, only bet the streak. A twist on this would be if you came upon a game where a team that has won 3 in a row is playing a team that has lost 3 in a row. In this case, you would double your bet to $100.

By placing only $50 bets, any gambler can survive the inevitable ups and downs of any MLB season. And because the season is 162 games long, you as a gambler can be rest assured that your money and your bets are safe.

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