Pros & Cons Of On-Line Contact Lens Ordering

Tips and guidelines for utilizing on-line contact lens ordering and services.

Whether making a change to contact lens for fashion, convenience or work related reasons, committing yourself to them instead of, or in addition to eyeglasses can seem daunting.Since extra supplies, money and care are required with contact lens; and your sight is nothing to fool with, some important selections need to be made.Many online services offer contact lens for less money than charged at an optometrist's office; this can cause doubt and wariness in the consumer.Most of these services are well operated and can aid customers with saving money; some are not.Use these guidelines when making a decision.Remember it is your personal decision, don't let others influence, as they may not have your best interest at stake.

The popular online contact lens warehouses can offer products at reduced prices, sometimes a saving of twenty to fifty percent, simply because of their position.These are companies that have one product - contact lens.Volume is high but overhead is low.The service is simply to take an order, double check with the optometrist, fulfill the order and ship.The service provided, however, should not be cheap or poor.Any questionable practices should send warning signals and a move to another provider.In addition, any questionable practices should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

Online services provide the convenience of online ordering, or other selected methods, with the option of speaking to a representative should questions or problems arise.The quality of the contact lens is exactly the same as those purchased at an optometrist's office.In addition, should the prescription change after purchasing a large quantity, the unused and unopened contact lens can be returned or exchanged.

When looking at online services select a well-known business and check the Better Business Bureau listing for their reputation and any customer complaints.If something doesn't seem right, don't utilize their services.Explore the website to guarantee a privacy policy is instituted, that customer agents are trained in not only customer service but also eye care knowledge.All online contact lens services must require a valid, non-expired eye prescription that will be double-checked with your optometrist.This double checking will aid in receiving the correct power, diameter and base-curve fitting to your individual needs.In addition, inquire about insurance coverage needs.Many insurance carriers will support a portion of contact lens ordered if prescribed by a doctor.

Always check with your optometrist before ordering online.Especially if ordering a new brand of contact lens or specialty lens such as colored or extended wear.Use your judgment as your optometrist may not want to loose your purchasing power and may influence your decision.

An optometrist's office will provide you with that personal touch, that individual and special service that can only come from someone who knows you, your lifestyle and your history.Optometrists can adjust quickly to fit your changing vision needs and detect eye health or lack thereof.A little of both worlds is the best answer.Yearly optometrist eye exams coupled with purchasing contact lens online, perhaps quarterly, will keep your eyes, your doctor and your wallet happy.

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