Pros And Cons: Should You Wear A Wig?

If you're wondering whether to wear a wig, choose one with a style that becomes you and try it on privately first.

Wearing a wig can become a fashion adventure. With a flick of your hair you can have a whole new look in terms of color, style, and length. While it can be exciting to try out a new hairdo when you slip on a wig, you may want to give it some thought first. Ask yourself questions like these:

1. Would I be comfortable wearing artificial hair? Some people are dedicated naturalists, preferring to avoid cosmetic adjustments to their personal appearance. Folks like these refuse to color their hair, they wear little or no makeup, and skimp on jewelry or scent. If you lean toward the natural look in your appearance, a wig may be a bit extreme, unless you choose one that is similar to your current look. Even those who lose their hair for medical reasons sometimes prefer wearing a bandana or another type of head covering rather than put on a wig. It's a matter of personal taste, but consider your perspective before making a financial investment, as some wigs are costly.

2. Will a wig make me look too different? If you have been wearing gray hair for a few years and suddenly switch to wearing a redheaded wig, your new look may require some adjustment. You could start with an in-between color or style. Then, if that goes well, take it a step further and get another wig that is more distinct yet. In general, if you plan to wear a wig around those who see you frequently, say to work or at home, it may be best to opt for a low-key wig at first, unless you're certain the extreme change will not adversely affect others' impressions of you.

3. Will a particular wig suit me? Again, if you're used to wearing short hair and decide to start wearing a long wig with locks that cascade down your back, this could be quite an overnight switch. Of course the choice is up to you, and most likely any new style, no matter how different from your usual look, will quickly become old news after a few days. Try on a variety of styles and colors to find one that suits your face and personality.

4. Get a second opinion. Take your husband or a close friend along when you try on wigs. Make sure they are frank with their opinions of how you look in various styles. While you don't necessarily want another person to choose your wig for you, it would be helpful if your companion and you could agree on the most flattering wig designs for you. If you can't take anyone, ask the sales assistant, keeping in mind that his or her opinion may lean toward the most expensive wig.

5. Try it out. After purchasing your new hair design, you may want to wear it at home, alone, at first to see how it feels and looks. Then when you are more comfortable, wear it to the store or other short errands and gauge observers' responses. Getting funny looks or sincere compliments will provide feedback that can guide your future use of the wig.

Putting on a hairpiece is a little bit of playing dress-up. It's sure to be fun and you can always stop when you're tired of it. Choose a wig that makes you look your best, and wear it to places where you're most comfortable with how it makes you feel.

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