Pros And Cons Of Tattoos On Different Body Parts

Thinking of getting a new tattoo? This brief article discusses the various body parts which can be tattooed and the pros and cons for each.

Where on your body should you get a tattoo? Although to some this question may seem trivial, remember your tattoo will be with you for the rest of your life. It needs to be placed well for you to be happy and for the tat to keep looking good. This brief article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of inking various parts of your body.


People who tattoo their heads generally choose the sides of the head over the ears and just above the nape of the neck. The advantages of choosing this particular spot include the fact you can grow your hair out to hide the tattoo. One disadvantage is you will have to shave your head if you want to show off your ink work.

The back of the neck is another unusual spot to be tattooed. Once again, you can easily hide the tat if you decide to wear your hair long, but you will have to tie your hair up or cut it short if you want your tattoo to be visible.

Tattoos on the face still carry a lot of stigma in Western cultures. If you choose to tattoo your face, you will undoubtedly have problems finding a well-paying, professional job.


Tattooing the upper chest is in fashion for both sexes. Pros of choosing this large, flat area to ink is you can usually receive a large, colorful, detailed tattoo. Keep in mind, however, you may need to conceal your tattoo at work.

Breast tattoos are still popular with the ladies. Although these tattoos can be very sexy, women need to remember the skin in this area will undoubtedly sag with age or after childbirth. Have your tattoo artist help you choose a piece which will not look awful when it starts to stretch.


The rib cage allows tattoo artists to ink a fairly large area and you can incorporate the tat into a major back piece or chest piece. However, inking this spot can be very painful because your ribs are so close to the skin.

Stomach tattoos are popular because they are so easily concealed. Many people have learned, however, stomach tattoos tend to become distorted once you age and your metabolism slows down. Women also need to consider the fact this area stretches out quite a bit during pregnancy and stretch marks will make the piece look deformed.


The thighs offer tattoo artists a fairly large canvas with which to work. This area is also easily covered up with clothing.

The calves are another popular spot for tattoos. They can easily be either concealed for work or revealed for playtime. The tattooing process tends to be less painful on calves than on other parts of the body. However, men may have to shave their legs in order for the piece to be seen.

The ankles are a popular tattooing spot with women. Although this body part is easy to conceal with boots, the tattooing process can be painful since the skin is so near the anklebone.

Many tattoo artists are unwilling to tattoo the feet because the skin does not take the ink very well and tats end up looking spotty. Most artists also will not touch up this spot for free, so be sure to ask about their policy first. If you decide to get inked on your feet, the tattoo is easily hidden with shoes.


The upper arms are popular tattooing spots for men. This body part is one of the least painful places to receive a tattoo. Keep in mind if you are in the sun a lot, your tat will likely blur and fade.

People generally tattoo the armpits when they have a full chest tattoo. This area has many nerves and can be extremely painful.


Wrist tattoos are less fashionable. Although they can be easily hidden with a watch or thick bracelet, this spot tends to be painful because the skin is so close to the bone.

Many tattoo artists refuse to tattoo hands since the ink tends to fade or blur quite quickly. If you do find an artist willing to ink this spot, you will probably only receive a small, basic line.


The back is a very popular spot to receive a large, detailed tattoo. The skin on the back tends to be thicker so the tattooing process tends to be less painful.

The buttocks are not a popular tattoo spot. The process can be quite painful and the tattoo tends to become distorted as you age and your skin begin to sag.


Tattoos will be more painful wherever you have a lot of nerves. If you are ticklish in a certain spot, it will hurt to get tattooed there.

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