Pros And Cons: Is Wearing False Eyelashes For You?

To enhance your eyes' natural beauty, you may want to consider experimenting with false eyelashes and other cosmetics without overdoing it.

Although nearly everyone is born with a natural set of eyelashes that frame the windows to our souls, Some of us have longer lashes than others. Others may have lashes so light they are hard to be seen or have little impact on the eye's appearance.

Mascara and other cosmetics can help to expand the length and thickness of eyelashes. But there may be times when you want to add to your eyelashes' appeal by applying false eyelashes, or lash enhancers.

Once popular for many women several decades ago, they are worn less often now, and usually just for a specific event. Here are a few pointers:

1. Select a color of fake eyelashes that matches your own lash color as closely as possible. Your lashes will join with the enhancements, and you don't want an assortment of hues and shades. Check out the offerings at several cosmetic counters or product lines to find the color most suited to your own as well as one that complements your complexion.

2. Choose a flattering style or design. Most actually look quite similar. But if you check closely, you may find distinct edgings, layering, or curvatures that make one set different from another. Don't get something that looks absolutely unrealistic in extraordinary length or mass. Instead, go for a soft, undemonstrative design that fits with the natural line of your own lashes.

3. When applying them, be sure not to get glue in your eyes and check to see that the lashes fit correctly. You don't want the outer edge sticking up away from the lash line. These typically adhere to the eye's edge, not your lashes, for a better and more natural fit. Look in the mirror to ensure that the lashes appear the same for both eyes. If one appears longer than the other, remove it before attempting to trim it into similar shape as the other. Never do this while wearing them, and if you must trim, understand that the lashes may not be wearable, as getting them to be uniform is tricky. You'll probably have to buy another pair.

4. Apply makeup after the lashes are in place. Put on your regular eye shadow, liner, and mascara. Avoid making extreme adjustments or changes to your eye makeup, as these will only call attention to your new eyelashes in ways that may perhaps be negative. Opt for a subtle look that appears more attractive, not wildly unusual.

5. Reserve false eyelashes for special events. Unless you have no or few natural eyelashes, the artificial ones may not be suitable for everyday use. Save them for parties, evening dinners out, formal occasions, and other events when you are encouraged to dress up in styles that go beyond everyday wear. When in doubt about whether to wear them, ask your spouse or a friend. A second opinion can provide valuable objective feedback.

False eyelashes can add an extra dimension of beauty and style, but don't overdo it. They should accent, not emphasize your eyes' natural beauty. Consult a cosmetic counter assistant for details or assistance. Don't borrow others' eyelashes, as they can harbor bacteria and may hold traces of the other person's cosmetics.

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