The Pros Of Cosleeping

Letting your baby sleep with you has many positive points. Read why this technique may be the best thing you can do for your child.

Co-sleeping has many rewarding benefits and implementing this attachment parenting technique can ensure the physical, emotional and spiritual health of your family. The habit of sleeping in the family unit can also aid in tuning into family members' energies while the body rests. The peaceful period of sleep is a great time to enjoy your loved ones. Here are some specific points in favor of co-sleeping:

· Sleeping with your baby during her attachment phase (ages 6 months to 2 years) nurtures a secure and confident child. Nestled beside or between your parents is the most comforting place to be. There aren't any fears of abandonment or isolation to bind the child's mind. Without these chains, your child will be free to explore the world without worrying where Mom and Dad are.

· Coincidentally, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is most common in children between the ages of 6 months and 2 years. It is believed that possibly an underdeveloped nervous system may cause the baby to forget to breathe. Mom and Dad's rhythmic breathing is an excellent reminder! This makes a lot of sense and frankly, taking all the precautions to protect against SIDS is a wise decision.

· Babies who sleep with their parents are more likely to sleep through the night. The family bed keeps also keeps the infant in a healthy, light sleep while also providing a secure, restful state for baby (and you) to thoroughly relax.

· The next point is that if baby is sleeping, he isn't crying. You can just imagine all the benefits to this point, but the bottom line is that when parents and children are more efficiently rested, they are just plain happier. It's pretty logical.

· Co-sleeping is also a huge plus if you breastfeed. The convenience is truly unmatched. Frequency of nighttime feedings can be increased without losing any extra sleep. This is especially favorable as the baby goes through growth spurts because you can be assured she is getting optimal nutrition 24 hours a day.

· One of the best arguments for sleeping with your child (or children) is that the emotional health of your entire family will benefit. Co-sleeping fosters a positive family image that the unit can relate to and spending this special time together strengthens invisible bonds.

If you do sleep with your baby, do it safely. Always lie baby on his side or back, don't use fluffy bedding or excessive pillows with an infant in the bed and never sleep with your baby if you are intoxicated. Most deaths occur when parents don't follow these guidelines, so remember: safety first.

Of course, taking up co-sleeping isn't for every family. If any of the members sleep lightly, sleeping together can be more of a hindrance than help. This drawback is the number one reason for unsuccessful co-sleeping ventures. If you find your family in this category, don't be alarmed or feel that you are missing out. The whole objective is to have a happily rested family, and if someone, or even no one, is losing sleep, than you're defeating the purpose. Just like individuals, every family unit is different and you must tailor your habits to fit its needs.

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