Protect Your Automobile From Thieves, Use A Security Device

Car theft is constantly on the rise. Many of the autos stolen were easy targets because of the neglect or carelessness of owners. Here are some simple suggestions can make care theft less likely.

Automobile theft is one of the fastest rising types of crime and while no car can be made completely theft-proof, there are some simple deterrents that can make the act of stealing a car much more difficult for the criminal.

The most common ways that thieves gain access to cars are through unlocked doors or windows and keys left in the ignition. Remember that the longer it takes to steal a car, the lesser the chances are that a thief will take the time. In many cases they will simply move on to an easier mark.

Here are some suggestions to make a thief's job more difficult:

---Always park a car in a well-lit area, where it can be easily seen by others. A car parked in alleyway or other dark place is a prime target.

---When leaving a car with a valet or parking attendant, always remove other keys and leave only the ignition keys. Allowing attendants to have home and trunk keys puts your belongings in danger of unscrupulous parking personnel. After recording any key numbers etched into your keys, have those numbers removed by a locksmith. These numbers can be used to duplicate your keys and steal your car later. Also, do not leave car registration or titles in the glove compartment. These papers contain a great deal of personal information that could be used in burglaries or other crimes.

---If you have expensive custom wheels on your car, invest in locking lug nuts to prevent wheel theft.

---If you store belongings or packages inside the car while you are away from it, put them out of sight or in the trunk. If you must be away from your car for an extended time, disconnect the battery cable before leaving. This will mean that a thief must open your hood and reconnect the cable before starting your car. Most thieves try to work quickly and this could make the thief move on.

---Use more than one anti-theft device and have them installed by a professional since some can damage a car if improperly used. Some effective devices are alarms, The Club, which rests across the steering wheel, and metal collars which cover the steering column and have key locks. Also invest in a locking gas cap. If your car runs out of gas, the thief is likely to abandon it if it cannot be refueled.

---Use an electric etcher to write your VIN number (vehicle identification number) on your fender and inside doors on the metal molding. Reselling a car with this identification attached can be difficult and thieves might bypass your car after seeing this.

---After affixing the registration sticker to the license plate, cut an "X" through it with a razor blade. This will make the sticker useless if stolen since it will fall apart when removed.

---If a car is parked in a driveway, park with the hood facing the street. If a thief tries to raise the hood, he runs the risk of being seen.

---Finally, when purchasing a car, check theft statistics for that model. Some cars are more likely to be stolen than others. This is definitely something to consider before a purchase as well as for insurance coverage.

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