Protecting Your Home Against A Hurricane

How to protect your home from hurricane damage.

When dealing with a force of nature like hurricanes there are no promises that your home will be untouched by its fury. But with the proper preparation there is a big possibility that your home will still stand when the hurricane passes through. Hurricanes can not be pinpointed to an exact location and that is what makes them so dangerous, especially if you are not prepared.

One of the biggest mistakes a person could make would be to know that a hurricane is going to hit close to where they live, and thinking it won't hit their home. There has been much devastation from not being properly prepared. Sometimes you can be prepared, and it will not matter with a higher category hurricane. No one can predict for a fact where Mother Nature will wreak her havoc.

The basic checklist for preparing your home for a hurricane consists of a few simple steps. First of all, go out into your yard and look for anything that can be used as a projectile. These objects are most likely to be: patio furniture, grills, loose potted plants, loose signs on your home or fence, tree swings, light boats, etc"¦ Anything that can be picked up by the wind put it in your shed, closed porch, or inside of your house. Also you will want to look up and see if there are any long, unhealthy looking branches hanging over your home, this could result in roof damage if the branch falls.

Before you are warned that a hurricane will be in your vicinity you will want to stock up on plywood. You will need to board the windows of your house up. This will ensure that the pressure of the air, the heavy rains, and the high winds don't bust your windows out. Remember to keep the plywood when the hurricane is over for future hurricanes. Taking these precautions can definitely increase your homes chance of making it through a hurricane still intact.

If you live in a mobile home, manufactured home, or an old wood frame home it is recommended that you evacuate your home if the hurricane is a category three through five. Sometimes even a category two hurricane can damage these types of homes extensively. There are no guarantees about anything when you are talking about a hurricane.

Tip: When living in an area where hurricanes are seasonal it is necessary to have natural disaster insurance. It is mandatory in some areas to carry flood insurance which can be beneficial when dealing with the repercussions from a hurricane. Usually the hurricanes cause excess rain which results in the rivers and lakes rising, and flooding in certain areas that are prone to flooding.

If you live on or near the coast you will have flooding that is caused by the hurricane coming onto the beach. So it is important to have the right kind of insurance.

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