Does Provillus Work?

By Ellen Topness

  • Overview

    Hair loss products flood the market. For someone who struggles with thinning hair, the plethora of options can cause confusion. It is often unclear which ones are effective to use in the fight to prevent further loss and enable actual regrowth. Provillus is one of the options that is offered, but is it effective?
  • What Is Provillus?

    Provillus' manufacturer report that it works by creating the optimal scalp situation for healthy hair to grow. The manufacturer states that it not only allows hair to grow, but provides the kind of nutrition that dead hair follicles need to come back to life. Provillus also blocks DHT (dihydrotestostrone). This is the substance that causes hair loss.
  • What Is In Provillus?

    Provillus contains herbs, minerals and vitamins. Some of these are saw palmetto, ginseng, Vitamin B-6, nettles, zinc sulfate, and pumpkin seed meal. When ordering Provillus online, currently the only way to buy it, you will receive a topical formula also. This is basically generic Minoxidil.

  • Efficacy

    It is very difficult to find any information on this supplement that is not intended for marketing purposes. The manufacturer reports that it is highly effective and designed for men and women. It states that Provillus has ingredients that are FDA approved. In reality, most of the ingredients are not FDA approved, and in particular, not for treatment of hair loss. The topical product does contain Minoxidil and that has been approved by the FDA and the American Hair Loss Association. A selling point for Provillus is that if it does not work there is a money back guarantee.
  • Minoxidil

    Minoxidil is in the topical Provillus product. It has been shown to stimulate hair growth. It is FDA approved for the treatment of hair loss. It should be used for at least a six month period of time in order to give the hair cycle's time to regenerate. It is also important to remember that all hair products work only when using them. If they are discontinued, the loss of hair continues.
  • Warning

    Hair loss products are a $3.5 billion business. There are however, very few studies to evaluate claims and effectiveness of individual supplements, medications and creams. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you seek professional medical advice and explore FDA and American Hair Loss Association certification for any intervention before beginning the process.
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