Does Provillus Work for the Frontal Area of Your Scalp?

By Ellen Topness

  • Overview

    Most men have some frontal hair loss as they get older. Frontal hair loss includes hair loss in the front (the forehead) and hair loss at the temples. This is often called a "receding hair line" and can have smaller, weaker hair strands in addition to the loss. Until recently, this type was thought to not respond to hair loss treatments. Recent studies have shown that this is not true, and there is effective intervention.
  • Definition

    Provillus contains herbs, minerals and vitamins. Some of these are saw palmetto, ginseng, vitamin B-6, nettles, zinc sulfate and pumpkin seed meal. It also comes with a topical formula that contains generic minoxidil. Provillus' manufacturers report that it works by creating the optimal scalp situation for healthy hairs to grow. Provillus also claims to block DHT (dihydrotestostrone). This is the substance that causes hair loss and is primarily implicated in frontal scalp loss of hair.
  • Evidence of Effectiveness

    It is very difficult to find any information on this supplement that is not intended for marketing purposes. The manufacturers report that it is highly effective and designed for men and women. They state that provillus has ingredients that are FDA approved. In reality, most of the ingredients are FDA approved, but not for treatment of hair loss. The topical product does contain minoxidil and that has been approved by the FDA and the American Hair Loss Associaton.

  • Minoxidil and Frontal Scalp Hair Loss

    Minoxidil was thought originally to not be effective on frontal scalp hair loss. In a Dermatology Times report of a recent study, this has been refuted. While it was not shown to be effective in the temple region of hair loss, it did what it was supposed to in the front area. Provillus does contain a topical minoxidil. This, at the very least, could combat frontal scalp hair loss.
  • How it Works

    Minoxidil works by stimulating hair growth. It is FDA approved for the treatment of hair loss. It should be used for at least a six month period of time in order to give the hair cycles time to regenerate. It is also important to remember that all hair products work only when using them. If they are discontinued, the loss of hair continues.
  • warning

    As with any intervention that involves using supplements, medications, or topical creams, you should consult with your medical professional. Many of the ingredients in provillus are not FDA approved because supplements are not necessarily required to have that oversight. If you develop side effects, anything out of the ordinary, please advise your doctor immediately.
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