Psychic Research: How To Test Your Psychic Abilities

Are you psychic? Try these simple experiments to test yourself.

Psychic abilities are not supernatural. They are not rare gifts (or curses for that matter) that are bestowed upon a very select few by divine forces. They are not magical powers. They are not evil or sorcery, and they are nothing to fear. Psychic abilities are natural abilities of the human mind that just about everyone possesses to some extent, whether they believe in them or not. These abilities are the means by which the mind is able to access information or influence something in a way that science has yet to figure out or explain.

Some people show a much greater talent for these abilities than others, just as some people show a greater aptitude for drawing than others. Just as almost anyone can pick up a pencil and scratch out a stick figure, anyone can tap into their intuitive side to some extent. With time, study, practice, and perhaps instruction, one can learn to improve upon one's natural aptitude. If you are interested in finding out your natural aptitude for psychic abilities, you may want to try some of the simple tests outlined here.

Before starting any tests, however, it benefits you to prepare your environment. Conduct these experiments in a quiet, private place where you feel safe and comfortable. Shut off the phone and try to ensure you will not be interrupted. If you like, you can set the mood by dimming lights, or burning candles and incense. Make certain that you have everything you need for an experiment before you begin. Have a pad and pen near by at all times. It also helps to keep a tape recorder handy, unless it disturbs you or makes you nervous.

Besides preparing your environment, you will need to prepare yourself. Make sure you are not too cold, hot, hungry, full, tired, ill, or feeling negative emotions when you try these tests. Make sure your clothing is comfortable and your hair is unbound (it is said to help the flow of energy). Relax yourself and try to clear your mind. Try not to have any expectations; simply go with the flow.

Remember that the results of one single experiment, no matter how outstanding or poor, are little indication of psychic ability. For a better understanding of your own ability it is best to repeat each experiment a number of times and on different occasions, then examine your average results. You might find that you are more gifted in certain areas than you are in others.

TESTING FOR TELEPATHY: Telepathy is the ability to read minds. Unlike popular movies, you will not be able to tune into a person's mind like a radio station and hear a broadcast. The information may come in the form of images, an "inner voice," or simple gut feelings. In order to do this test, you will need a friend to be the "sender," and a deck of ordinary playing cards. You will be the "receiver" of information.

1) Prepare yourself and your environment as outlined above. Make sure your friend has the cards and a pad and pencil to record results, even if you are using a tape recorder.

2) When you are both comfortable, the sender will shuffle the deck and choose a card from the top. The sender should concentrate on the suit of the card (spades, clubs, hearts, or diamonds) by visualizing the symbol for it in their minds and mentally repeating the name of the suit over and over.

3) You should relax, clear your mind, and open yourself to receive the information in whatever form it comes. Don't analyze too long; trust your instincts and go with the first thing that comes to mind.

4) Call out the suit you believe is being sent to you.

5) The sender should make a note of the suit drawn, and of your guess. The sender should not, at this point, tell you if you hit (are correct) or missed (are incorrect), or give any outward sign indicating the results. Telling you the outcome of each card could disrupt your concentration. You can look at the results later.

6) Continue this with each card until the deck is complete, then calculate results.

The average amount of random chance hits with a 52-card deck is 12-14, or roughly 25%. If you are getting results as high as 18 or more cards consistently, it could indicate some telepathic ability. Repeated scores of 26 or more cards indicate definite telepathic talent.

If you are consistently scoring lower than average, such as 7 hits or less, this could also very well indicate telepathy. You may be suffering from some block, such as fear of the ability, or disbelief in psychic phenomena. Thus, your subconscious is probably picking up the information and trying to sabotage the results.

TESTING FOR PRECOGNITION: Precognition, commonly known as having visions, is the ability to see the future. In order to perform this test, you will need your deck of cards once again.

1) Prepare yourself and your environment. Have your tape recorder or pen and pencil handy to record your hits and misses.

2) Shuffle the card and make sure you cannot see the face. Take the first card off of the top and look at the back of it. Try to guess what suit it will be. Record your answer on tape or with a pad and pencil.

3) At this point, you can turn the card over and record the actual suit. Move on to the next card and work your way through the entire deck. If you would prefer not to see the results as you progress (so that you do not interrupt your concentration) simply lay the cards face-down in a pile in the order that you drew them. When you have gone through the deck, turn the pile over. The first face-up card is the first card you picked, the next card is the second, and so-on through the deck.

4) Record your results and calculate your average.

The odds for this experiment are the same as in the telepathy test: 12-14 hits is the chance average and reveals no particular psychic phenomena, anything less than 7 or more than 18 shows possible psychic ability, and anything over 26 is pretty clear proof that you are precognitive.

TESTING FOR CLAIRVOYANCE/CLAIRAUDIENCE: Clairvoyance literally means "clear seeing," and clairaudience means "clear hearing." These are the abilities to see or hear something currently happening in another location by psychic means. For this experiment, you will need only yourself. You must choose a place that you have never visited, but can have access to in the very near future. This can be a store in your town, a public building, or new friend's house you have been invited to for the first time.

1) Prepare yourself and your environment. You may use a tape recorder or a pad and pencil for your notes.

2) When you are in a relaxed state, imagine the place you have chosen. Try to get an image of what the inside looks like. Pay attention to whatever comes-- feelings, image flashes, or that inner voice.

3) Note sights, scents, sounds, colors, moods, sizes, and general atmosphere. You can write or record these things as they come to you, or you can do the exploration first and write or record them afterward. If you are clairvoyant, you will probably get more imagery impressions. If you are clairaudient, you will probably hear your inner voice speaking up and describing things to you.

4) In the very near future (the same day, or next day is best), go to the place. Compare the actual place with your notes.

The results for this experiment are not as easily quantifiable as with the previous tests. You will have to carefully interpret your notes when in the actual place. If you visualized something big and round in the center of the room and you find a large, round chandelier hanging, chances are you got the impression intuitively. If you sensed something blue in a certain area in your vision that you cannot find in the place, something blue indeed may have been there and was moved before you got there, so don't be discouraged. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can always ask the employees or person who lives there.

Do be practical in your assessment. For example, envisioning shelves of books in a bookstore is probably not a psychic feat, but common sense.

TESTING FOR CLAIRSENTIENCE: Clairsentience is being able to get psychic impressions from the vibrations of an object when you hold it. The method is referred to as psychometry. In order to do this experiment, you will need a friend again. The friend should bring an item with which she is familiar, but that belongs to someone you have never met and know nothing about. A photograph of a person you do not know will also suffice.

1) Prepare yourself and your environment. When you are ready, have your friend present the item. Your friend should be recording this session, or taking notes.

2) Hold the item and clear your mind. See if any images flash in your mind, if any feelings or emotions come to you, or if that inner voice starts to talk. Tell your friend whatever impressions are coming to you.

3) Your friend should respond to impressions she knows to be true by saying, "that is correct." If your impression seems incorrect or out of her scope of knowledge, she should say, "I don't have that information." She should never say that you are "wrong." This could lead to disrupted concentration, and there is always a possibility you are sensing something your friend does not know. You might be holding a watch and seeing a gray-haired man, while your friend got the watch from her boyfriend. She might be unaware the watch was bought second-hand and once belonged to an older gentleman.

4) When you are done, have your friend tell you all she knows about the item. Any of your impressions that she cannot verify should be investigated before determining if they were indeed incorrect.

Remember, it is best not to do this with your friend's own personal item; you probably know enough about your friend to cloud the experiment. You won't know if impressions are truly psychic intuition, or you are simply able to surmise things based on your familiarity with your friend.

Again, these results are not easy to calculate, but chances are if you are getting a lot of hits from an object without any previous knowledge of its owner, that you are experiencing some clairsentience.

TESTING FOR TELEKINESIS: Also known as psychokinesis, telekinesis is the ability to move things with one's mind. While mental manipulation of physical objects is one of the most difficult abilities to consciously master, it is not as difficult to perform as one might think. The beginner must keep one crucial element in mind: moving something that is already stationary is far more difficult than manipulating something already in motion.

The concept behind this is purely rooted in the science of physics. The law of inertia says that anything not moving wants to stay not moving. Psychically building enough kinetic energy to move something stationary takes massive amounts of training and concentration. The second part of the law of inertia states that anything already in motion wants to stay in motion. If something is in motion, it already has kinetic energy behind it, and you will have more success in manipulating its course. Reducing the effect of forces such as gravity and friction will further help to ensure success.

For this experiment, you will need several feet of string, an object you can hang from it, and something from which to suspend it. Let's say you have chosen to use a carrot as your object. Tie the carrot to one end of the string. Then, suspend it from the ceiling by tying the other end to a hook, light fixture or ceiling fan (make sure the fan is off, of course). The carrot should be at least two to three feet from the floor. Make sure there are no drafts to interfere with the moving object. When you have done this, you are ready to begin.

1) Prepare your environment as usual, but prepare yourself in a different way. Instead of relaxing, you will want to build up adrenaline. Take some time to do some vigorous exercises, or dance around the room. Another, and probably the best option, is to begin laughing-- hard. Think of the funniest thing you can think of and get yourself cracking up for a few minutes.

2) When you are ready, give the carrot a good push with your hand to get it swinging.

3) Sit or lie beneath the carrot. If the carrot is swinging in circles, try to will it into swinging back and forth. Or, simply visualize the carrot swinging back and forth and wait to see if it begins to change its course. The carrot will not halt in mid air and begin going in another direction; but if you are having any effect on it, it will gradually begin to shift until it is on the new course.

4) If you are successful in changing the course once, try to alter the course back again, or try for a different course. See if you can get it to slow down, then try to speed it up again.

5) If you are having good success, you might want to try to get the carrot to go from a clockwise circle to a counter-clockwise circle. Continue experimenting for as long as you like.

6) Record your results.

These simple tests should reveal to you an approximate level of your innate psychic ability. Remember, however, that this is merely a jumping off point. If you choose to further study and practice, you can improve upon these results-- sometimes dramatically. By taking these tests, you will know where to begin, and how far you will need to go to reach your goal.

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