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Psychics online with 900 Telephone lines. What they cost, how they work, this article will help you avoid wasting your money, and get the most from a Psychic reading.

You've become comfortable meeting new people in chat rooms, and now you're thinking, why not have a Psychic reading online? Or, you've seen the infomercials for 900 Telephone Psychic Lines on television where psychics promise to reveal all, bring you love and money, solve all your problems, predict your future, and you've been tempted to call, just for the fun of it, right? Some of you are true believers with past experience consulting psychics and are seriously considering Logging on or calling a 900 Psychic Telephone Service. As with any other service, knowing how they operate can help you get the most and help you avoid the pitfalls. Here are some predictions of what can happen when you logon or dial that 900 number, some tips and secrets of the trade that can help save at least some of your money.


900 Telephone Psychic Lines: As soon as you dial the 900 number you will get a message informing you of the cost, which is usually a per minute charge and will begin almost immediately. All psychic line advertising should indicate the cost per minute of each call. If it doesn't indicate the cost in the ad, don't call, look for another psychic line. Charges will appear on your next telephone bill. Prices can range from $2.99 to $5.99 per minute. There is usually no minimum call length, so you can end the call anytime you like, you will be charged only for the minutes you are connected. If there is a minimum charge you must be told in advance. Many Telephone Psychic lines also allow you to pay by credit card through an 800 line connection. Free Minutes: Be careful about ads promising free readings. Most ads will offer you the first three to five minutes of your call free. It is up to you to note when that time period is over, and billing will then begin. Gift Certificates: Remember, a $25.00 gift Certificate from a psychic Line will only give you 5 free minutes if the charge per minute is $4.99 per minute.

Psychic Online Chat Services: They offer several methods of payments. The most convenient of which is Credit Cards. Some allow you to send them your personal cheques, but you will have to wait for them to clear before you get your reading. You can buy blocks of time of as little as 15 minutes. An average 15 minute reading online will cost you $30; 30 minutes - $50; and 60 minutes - $90. The per minute cost of your reading goes down with the larger block of time you buy. You can go back and buy more time whenever you wish. Also, you can split up your bought time speaking to more than one psychic, as many as you wish until your time is used up. Many websites also offer monthly Memberships, from $15 to $25 a month Check out the site carefully, and see if the services are what you want. Many offer a 10 minute reading each month for your membership fee. Is ten minutes enough for you? There are also many Psychic readings available through email for a range from $25 to $50. Most Online Psychic Chat sights offer security features when using your credit card, but you should look for that feature before giving out your credit card information.


Writing down what the psychic tells you will allow you to evaluate it later after the reading and track the accuracy of the predictions. Don't waste your valuable $4.99 per minute searching for a pen, get some paper and a pen before you go to the phone or online. Have a clock or watch handy so you can time your call. Write down the questions you want to ask in advance, be as specific as possible. If you have questions to ask about other people, make sure you have each person's birth date if you know it, written down in front of you so you won't waste time searching or trying to remember them. Be prepared to give your own date of birth as most psychics will ask for it.


900 Lines: When you call you will be connected to the first available psychic, if you ever want to speak to that particular psychic again you will need to know the name and extension number of your psychic, so make sure you get it at the beginning of the call, before time runs out and you get disconnected. Since most psychics work from home they do not work together or know each other, so knowing the extension number is the only way to get the same psychic to read for you again.

Online: Most websites offer you profiles of all of their psychics. Take the time to read through their biographies before you pick the psychic. Also, not all psychic are online all the time of course. So take note of their working hours. Many websites offer ratings for their psychics, read the comments of other customers, and don't forget to add your own rating at the end of your reading.

Whether on the telephone or online, if you like your psychic, ask him or her their normal working hours when you can reach them, this is to prevent you from calling and getting another psychic, wasting more money, or logging on and never connecting again with your favourite psychic. You should have a comfortable feeling with the psychic, if you don't feel that the psychic is competent, intelligent, attentive, cooperative, communicative, empathetic, open to you, or if you feel any discomfort or negative feelings, then HANG UP or LEAVE THE CHAT. The psychic is there to provide a service to you, if it isn't what you expected don't waste any more of your money than necessary.


Depending on the methods used by your psychic it may take a few moments for a psychic to give you an answer, perhaps the time to shuffle Tarot cards. Some psychics may try to drag out the length of the call, to get you to stay on the line longer or to call back again. If your psychic seems to be taking an excessive amount of time before answering you, sometimes even leaving the phone on some pretext, this is probably a stalling tactic. If for example the psychic is an astrologer and tells you it will take time to do calculations, then tell her you will hang up and call back later, or reconsider if this is the kind of reading you want. If you are getting interesting information and have a good rapport it should still be your choice to call or visit that psychic again, so don't be pressured. Psychics are told to be positive and helpful to their clients. If you get strange answers, threats about curses or predictions of disasters unless you call back your psychic or do something outrageous, like kill a chicken, then hang up and complain to the customer service department. Remember Psychics are supposed to be for "Entertainment purposes only," and they are not allowed to give out advice about health matters.


Wait! After your call or chat write down what was said, analyze it, ask yourself if what was said seems relevant or helpful. Even if it makes sense, think before calling back right away. Give it a day or two, perhaps wait until next month, or you have received your telephone or credit card bill before you call again, or maybe even until the "predictions" come true.

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