How to Publish Children's Book

By Nicki Howell

  • Overview

    Publishing a children's book is an exciting opportunity, but many individuals aren't sure where to start. Creating a plan for getting your book in the hands of the right people is essential in marketing your manuscript. There's a lot to consider. For instance, you may want to obtain an agent. Yet, once you have a list of publishers, you're one step closer to getting your book published.
    • Step 1

      Pay attention to trends. Visit your local library and talk with the librarian about which books are really popular right now for children. This can help shape your stories to make sure they are marketable.
    • Step 2

      Find a publisher for your children's book. "The Children's Writers and Illustrator's Market" has a comprehensive list of children's book publishers. The list includes over 300 publishers and 60 book agents. If you're not ready purchase the book, check out Publishing Central. It's a free resource with a directory of children's book publishers.

    • Step 3

      Put together your package of information for publishers. Each publisher's required information is slightly different so make sure to review the requirements closely. You may need to include a query letter and your book manuscript. Make sure your manuscript is double-spaced and in an easy-to-read font such as Times New Roman or Arial.
    • Step 4

      Decide if you want to hire an agent. Some publishers don't accept queries. The only way to get your manuscript seen by those publishers is through a book agent. If you aren't getting any responses on your queries, consider talking with a couple of agents. Most agents will charge a commission of 15 percent.
    • Step 5

      Consider joining the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. This is an organization created for writers of children's books and offers valuable education and networking opportunities.
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    • Warning:
    • Don't worry about finding an illustrator. Once a publisher accepts your book, they can put you in contact with potential illustrators.

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