How to Purchase a Surety Sales Tax Bond

By Jack S. Waverly

  • Overview

    A surety sales tax bond is a type of bond usually required by a governing unit or agency. This bond normally guarantees the payment of sales tax by a business, mostly in the service and construction trades. The forms required for this type of bond will ask for detailed information which you should have ready beforehand. If you are needing a surety sales tax bond, regardless of your credit history, simply follow the steps below to start the process.
  • Finding the Application Forms

    • Step 1

      Find an online bond agent that you feel comfortable working with. There are many so researching the information online is required to find the best company to suit your needs. Nationwide agents include SuretyOne, Integrity Bonds, Viking Bond Service and Express Surety Bonds.
  • Step 2

    Download the forms required from the bond agent where you are applying for your surety sales tax bond. These forms will include the bond application, personal financial statement and a credit report release form.
  • Step 3

    Print out the forms if you need to. Most times the forms will be in PDF format which will require the use of Adobe Reader. You can print the forms directly from the reader program.
  • Filling Out the Forms

    • Step 1

      Start with the surety sales tax bond application.
    • Step 2

      Fill in all blank spaces. Do not leave out any information. Double-check everything for accuracy as this form becomes a legal document once you are approved.
    • Step 3

      Provide the appropriate responses to the questionnaires in the application.

    • Step 4

      Make sure that you sign and date the application. Make sure that you have a witness sign and date the application on the same day you sign it.
    • Step 5

      Fill out the personal financial statement accurately and with the best information you have. If you do not know an answer, do not guess, get the correct answer.
    • Step 6

      Sign and date all pages of the financial statement.
    • Step 7

      Read, sign and date the credit release form. All bond companies will do a credit check.
    • Step 8

      Scan the documents back onto a disk or your computer if you are emailing them. Otherwise use an envelope to send the information to the agent. Both the email and postal address should be on the website.
  • To Speed the Process

    • Step 1

      Send everything you are required to send. Your agent may ask for additional information. Make the effort to respond within one day to keep the process moving.
    • Step 2

      Stay in touch with your agent. Confirm the receipt of your documents.
    • Step 3

      Use overnight delivery. Do not use regular mail as this may cause delays. Overnight delivery will give you a tracking number in case of lost information.
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