Purple flowers for wedding bouquets and corsages

Here you will learn to choose the most suitable purple flowers for your wedding bouquet and corsages. Also included are unique ideas and suggestions.

Purple flowers are a very popular choice for wedding bouquets and corsages. When carefully selected they often make very unique arrangements. There are countless varieties of purple flowers that can be used to assemble beautiful wedding bouquets and corsages. The trick is to choose flowers that are long-lasting when cut and appropriately sized for your bridal bouquet. It is also important to choose additional flowers and foliage to best compliment purple blooms.

A beautiful soft-scented purple flower to consider for your bridal bouquet and corsages is elegantly and appropriately named Swan River. This daisy-like flower is otherwise known as Brachycome iberidifolia. The violet colored petals of this unique flower surround a dark and striking center. It can be found blooming wild in Australia, but your local florist or garden center can more than likely order it for you if they don't already carry it on a regular basis.

When using Swan River for a wedding bouquet or corsages, surround the flowers with sprigs of either dried or fresh baby's breath. Swan River boasts attractive and lush green foliage, but you can also use green ferns to provide a lacy backdrop for the beautiful blooms.

Another purple flower to consider for your bridal bouquet and corsages are purple roses. Purple roses are available in many different shades ranging from dark purple to dusty lavender. They are also available in miniature varieties as well as larger varieties. Some types are quite fragrant too.

Offset purple roses with white forget-me-nots. Their tiny blooms perfectly compliment a bouquet or corsage containing beautiful purple or lavender roses. They surely won't be forgotten because their beauty is simply breathtaking.

If you want larger purple flowers for your wedding bouquet and corsages, consider choosing lisianthus. This hardy flower is also known as Eustoma grandiflorum. The blooms of this striking plant are quite elegant and look as if they were made from the finest satin. Although they grow wild in some areas of the United States, your local florist or garden center will more than likely carry this magnificent flower.

Compliment purple lisianthus with either fresh or dried baby's breath or white statice. White annual statice is often used as a dried flower. They have a crinkled paper-like appearance that's unique and very eye-catching.

Miniature purple irises make lovely bridal bouquets, and they are also very pretty when used for corsages. Reticulated irises have a very unique purple hue and are lightly scented. Miniature irises are available in colors ranging from deep purple to very light lavender.

Surround a bouquet or corsage of purple irises with white lily-of-the-valley. They will provide a pleasing scent as well as compliment the beauty of the purple blooms. They also possess lovely green foliage that will go very nicely with the irises.

The purple-blue flowers of the windflower, otherwise known as Anemone, make a stunning bridal bouquet. These daisy-like purple-blue flowers are surrounded by fern-like foliage. They are truly unique in color and design.

Consider using Arum italicum, otherwise known as, arum lilies as a backdrop for Anemone. The blooms of this plant are light green in color and rather plain, but the striking foliage will provide an interesting filler for your bridal bouquet. The leaves are shaped like arrows, and they possess interesting creamy white and deep green patterns.

Find photos of these and many other purple blooms online or at your local library. Your local florist and garden center can also provide you with visual aides to help create a one-of-a-kind purple bridal bouquet and unique corsages for your wedding.

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