The Purpose Of A Preseason Football Exhibition Game Schedules

For those who do not know anything about football, here is a simple explanation of what a Preseason Football game schedules are all about.

First of all, the guys have to get into game shape, game speed, and get into tempo. When you play practice and then you get out there and play a regular game, it's ten times as fast. An Exhibition game gets them into rhythm and gets their timing down.

Additionally, it is also to determine who will make the team. You have rookies, undrafted free agents, and guys that were drafted in the third, fourth and fifth rounds who are supposedly not good enough to just come in and "wow" you, but most of them do. They come in there and play their hearts out. It gives them a chance not only to show their stuff (what they are really made of), but also to showcase their talents to other prospective teams as most of the guys will not make the team's first cut to 65 players. The starters go out the first quarter, maybe five or six plays, then all the rookies come in. The guys come in and, basically, fight for jobs.

A lot of times you have new head coaches, new offensive and/or defensive coordinators, and they have to try to get their team together and get them all on the same page. Coaches will want to get their game plan down and they want to see what their running game is all about. Players will get switched around on certain lines and they change their schemes all around so they need to get that all in order.

Furthermore, most of the teams change players such as quaterbacks, and when you change one thing on a team, you are going to have to go back to square one. For instance, if the offensive coordinator is new, he will be bringing in his own little system, which will differ from the guy he just replaced who had his own system. He will now have to go out there and teach everything to these guys all over again from A to Z.

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