Where Do I Put The Equipment For My Home Theater System?

Where do I put the equipment for my home theater system? Where you put the equipment is important. We typically put the equipment in the back of the room instead of the front of the room. Knowing where to...

Knowing where to put equipment for a home theater system is important to consider when looking into the practicalities of designing a home theater system. This will allow you to enjoy your home theater experience more, without distractions from the sound and vision of the equipment. There are a variety of factors that you will need to consider when placing equipment for your home theater system.

Because of the importance of the equipment in a home theater system, it will be important to find the necessary advice for the right implementation. Dave Tovissi, systems and design engineering vice president for Tweeter Home Entertainment Group, states that "where you put the equipment is important. You don't want to have your line of sight distracted by anything other than the movie." Because of the nature of the equipment used, there will then be necessary places to put the equipment so that it won't distract from the movie, with both sound and vision.

The first consideration to make in relation to the equipment is where it should be placed in the room. Tovissi suggests that the back of the room is used for the placement of the equipment so the extra lights and sounds won't distract from the movie. A remote that has RC technology will then be used in order to ensure that the sound and movie is at the right balance without you having to point the remote control at the equipment.

The second consideration that is made for the equipment is the amplification from the fans. Tovissi states that "you want to rule out fans as this will also distract you from the movie. So we always put in silent fans to take the heat off of the electronics out of the room." Considering the way in which the equipment will work with the ventilation is important when considering how and where the equipment will need to be placed as well as what types of equipment are necessary for keeping everything working well during a movie.

After you have determined what is needed and where to place the equipment, you will also need to look into how it will need to be placed. There are several ways in which the equipment can be stacked in order to create convenient options for space. "We typically put equipment in some kind of a rack," states Tovissi, "because there is a lot of amplification." By placing the equipment on the rack, it will cause the amplification to be controlled by something such as a fan. You can also hide the equipment completely by placing a cabinet or other type of d├ęcor in front of the rack. Having a rack will help with maintenance of the equipment, as well as organization and is important to consider when designing your home theater system.

Organizing equipment for your home theater system is an important way to ensure that you get the best design and implementation. By using a rack, placing the equipment in the back of the room, and implementing silent fans for more efficient equipment functioning, you will also be able to enjoy your movie without distractions.

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