How To Put Your Best Foot Forward

When you feel like giving up, put one foot in front of the other until your best one shows off your multiple talents.

Sometimes life's pressures build up and push us off course. Whether you're struggling in a difficult relationship, a challenging job, or a transitional state, waiting for the next thing in life to come along, don't give up. Get back on your feet and take life one step at a time, always doing your best for your own sake and that of others as well.

That may seem easier said than done. But with a can-do attitude, you can continue along the path you've chosen and soon find good things along the way. Put your best foot forward first and shake off the uncertainties that try to hinder you.

Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Focus on the goal. Keep reminding yourself of the ultimate satisfaction you'll receive in meeting the goal you've set for yourself. Whether it's getting a college degree or simply getting through the day, don't be distracted by disruptions along the way.

2. Imagine yourself successful. In your daydreams, picture yourself walking across the graduation stage or cashing a sizable check at the bank. Whatever your goal, mental pictures of a successful moment can help you keep working toward your goal.

3. Defeat negativism. Don't allow yourself to entertain thoughts of failure or disappointment. If negatives like these do come, deal with them and move on. People who reach their goals do not dwell on life's "what-if's." Instead, they look to the stars as they plod along, one day at a time, to reach their ultimate destination.

4. Look good, feel good. Make a point of looking your best each day. Pay attention to grooming details, pick out a flattering outfit, and try a new hairstyle with flair. Studies show that people who feel attractive tend to behave with greater confidence and positive interactive skills.

5. Do something for others. When struggling with self-doubt, turn your attention to someone else's need and meet it. Run an errand, cook a meal, send a card, or pull some weeds to show your concern for others. Your kindness will help you feel better and will likely rebound in time.

6. Smile, laugh, sing. Research suggests that people who make happy motions or sounds, even with no one else around, actually begin to feel better. So smile in the mirror, laugh in the car, and sing in the shower. No one will mind and you will benefit.

7. Do positive self-talk. Play mental tapes over and over again that reinforce a hopeful direction:

"I will soon meet my goal."

"I am happy with my progress."

"I can get over this small obstacle."

8. Offer your best work. Rather than dawdle on the job or avoid other people, make an effort or even go out of your way to meet or exceed expectations. Not only will you make a good impression on other people, you will reap a sense of accomplishment that may continue to grow and move you closer to your goal.

Overall, don't allow yourself to get into a slump. If you're already there, get out. Follow easy steps like these to get moving again and put your best foot forward for all to admire.

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