What to Put on the Rockers of a Rocking Chair That Sits on Wood Floors

By Jonra Springs

Rocking chair scratches are typically numerous on wood floor surfaces. The runners rub against the floor during rocking, and small bits of sandy debris get crushed between the runners and the floor. Sliding the chairs also contributes to the myriad of rocking chair scratches on flooring. Furniture stores and home supply centers carry adhesive felt padding strips to protect wood flooring from scratches caused by rocking chairs.

Take Width Measurements

Measure the width of the rocking chair runners with a measuring tape. Measure only the flat part of the runner that contacts the floor if the rail has a tapered form. Protective felt padding strips are sold in long rolls of 6 feet or more, but they come in various widths to accommodate different rocking chair runners. Purchase adhesive felt strips that are slightly less wide than the runner bottoms.

Cut to Length

Measure the runner lengths by curving the measuring tape to match the form of the runner bottoms. Cut the felt padding strips 1/2 inch shorter than the runners with a sturdy pair of sharp scissors or a utility knife. Place the cut felt strips against the bottoms of the runners to check the lengths before adhering them to the wood. The strips should cover all but 1/4 inch at both ends of the runner bottoms.

Adhere the Padding

Peel the backing off the adhesive side of the felt padding strips that are cut to fit the runners. Press the adhesive against the runner bottoms starting 1/4 inch back from the edge of the front end. Hold the forward section of the strip firmly against the runner and stretch the strip before pressing another 4 to 6 inches against the wood. Work to press the padding against the runners from the front to back.

Keep it Clean

Sweep or vacuum the wood floor regularly and move the rocking chair to get all dirt up from the floorspace under it. Use a crevice tool on the hose of a vacuum cleaner to clean the felt padding strips under the runners. The felt padding will collect dust and debris left on the floor and cause minor scratches. Keep the floor free of dirt and debris to protect wood flooring from rocking chair scratches. Make repairs to the scratched flooring using a rotary or oscillating tool with a fine-grit sanding accessory to remove the surface damage.

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