What Is Pyridoxine?

Learn more about pyridoxine and its essential function in the human body.

Pyridoxine comes in two forms. It is known as vitamin B6 and also as pyridoxine hydrochloride. It plays an essential role in the human body in the production and function of a variety of enzymes. Pyridoxine is also necessary for the optimal functioning of the production of blood cells and antibodies. Vitamin B6 also aids in promoting healthy skin as well as healthy digestion.

Pyridoxine is also necessary for the utilization and eventual breakdown of the fats, carbohydrates and proteins in foods that humans ingest. Another essential function is that pyridoxine hydrochloride aids in the release of carbohydrates which have been stored as energy in the liver and muscles. Pyridoxine is also intergral to the manufacture of vitamin B3, or niacin, in the human body.

Pyridoxine is found in many dietary sources. Eggs and whatgerm are especially high in the vitamin, and whole grain cereals have a high content of pyridoxine as well. Meats, including liver, chicken and fish are more excellent dietary sources of this vitamin. If none of these food choices suit your daily intake, you can also consider bananas, potatoes or even avocados to get your daily recommended intake of pyridoxine.

Even though it is so important to proper functioning of the human organism, pyridoxine deficiency does occur. Severe pyridoxine deficiency often occurs in individuals who exhibit depression, nervousness or irritability. Deficiency may also produce symptoms of inflammation in both the mouth and tongue, as well as severely cracked lips. Weakness, skin disorders and rashes, and also anemia, or abnormally low red blood cell levels, may occur in those experiencing deficiency.

Recommended intakes of pyridoxine vary widely depending on level of deficiency but the common agreement among professionals seems to be between .5 to 250 milligrams daily for adults. Of course, before starting any form of supplementation you should consult your health care practitioner.

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