Quick Beauty Tips For Busy Women

If you're in a rush, try some quick beauty tips that will get your day off to a beautiful start!

If time slips away from you, here are some quick beauty tips to keep you looking your best all day!

For Your Face

When washing or applying makeup to your face, always use upward motions. Downward rubbing motions can pull skin down, encouraging sagging skin.

If your face looks too powdered and artificial after makeup application, dampen a cosmetic sponge and press gently against your skin. This will not remove your makeup, but will give your face a fresh, dewy appearance, and neutralize the powder.

If your face is in need of a pick-me-up in the middle of the day, try misting some toner on and blotting it off gently using a tissue, being careful not to rub your makeup off. Remember, this is simply to refresh. After skin is dry, use a light dusting of loose powder to set your makeup once more. You can also get a skin-refreshing treat by decanting a bit of toner in a spray bottle and keeping it in the refrigerator. Spritz some on whenever your skin needs a pick-me-up.

Always remove makeup and cleanse your face before bedtime. This will help prevent blemishes caused by the oils and ingredients in makeup. Always pat your face dry with a towel; never rub dry!

Pressing a piece of raw potato against your skin can help reduce marks and swelling. Slice off the end of a potato and apply it to your skin for a few moments.

For Your Hair

In years past it was recommended that baby powder could help absorb the conditions of greasy hair. However, too much baby powder could be a bad thing, leaving your hair to look unnaturally gray. Instead, reach for some translucent powder. Try sprinkling some in your hair, making sure to get the main coverage on the roots. Don't use too much! Gently brush it through your hair, and you're sure to notice a difference. If you brush too hard you are only stimulating the scalp to produce oils again.

For those who absolutely hate blow-drying their hair, but must on some occasions in order to look more "put-together," try only blow-drying along your hairline and along where you part your hair.

If you are looking for a lift, try brushing your hair upside-down. To do this, flip your hair over the front of your head, and brush through. When you're done, toss it back and gently comb through it to remove any knots. Don't brush hard, though, or the lift may go limp.

For Your Body

Start your day with a detoxifying drink. Boil some water and add the juice of half a lemon, and drink while hot, not boiling! This hot drink cleanses some of the impurities in your system.

If your skin is in need of some extra moisture, and regular moisturizer takes too long to soak in, try slathering some hair conditioner on your body while in the shower. Treat it as regular moisturizer, making sure to rub it into skin a bit, and then be sure to rinse very well.

Hot showers can damage your skin, drying it out. Try taking a warm shower, and eventually turning the water down to cool. This will help to close your pores after the warm shower.

For Your Nails

Did you know that lip balm could be used to moisturize cuticles? Try some natural lip balms, the kinds with shea butter and vitamin E, as these work best.

If you want to achieve a French-manicure but don't have the time, there is a white pencil made specifically for rubbing under your nail tip. It can be found where other nail supplies are sold. If you don't have access to one, try rubbing a white eyeliner pencil under your nail tip. Finally, apply a clear coat of nail polish over your nails. Voila!

For Your Eyes

To hide bags under your eyes, pat a bit of concealer on the bone under your eyes. Blend well, and finish with a light dusting of translucent powder.

Try a tea bag compress. Soak the tea bags, refrigerate them, and then apply them to your eyes for ten to twenty minutes. This will soothe puffy eyes, and calm sore eyes. The same trick can be done with a few slices of a cucumber, raw potato slices (be sure to wet them before applying), or chilled spoons. Be careful with the tea bags, as they can stain the skin. Alternate the different compresses, if possible. Witch hazel or other astringents applied with a cotton ball help, too.

To make your eyes look more awake and open, try a bit of slightly shimmering neutral eye shadow, nothing flashy. The shimmer will make your eyes appear brighter and wider, without taking the time of applying several layers of eye shadow.

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