Quick Bedroom Makeovers

ideas you can use that can be completed in a day or less

Is your bedroom dull and boring? Do you nail the door shut whenever guests come to visit? If you find you need a change of scenery in your bedroom, then it is time for a quick bedroom makeover. Here are some ideas you can use that can be completed in a day or less.

Add a theme to your bedroom: You can quickly add a theme to any boring bedroom by purchasing a few items and adding a bit of details. For a girl's room, you can paint a large pair of ballerina slippers on the wall, and top the windows and canopy bed with pink tulle for a ballet theme. For a boy's room, you can hang a few model airplanes from the ceiling and add pictures of vintage airplanes to the walls, for an aviation theme. For an adult's bedroom, you can add an abundance of palm trees and rubber plants, a small indoor waterfall, and put mosquito netting around the bed, to create a jungle theme.

Make it luxurious: You can make your bedroom luxurious and romantic with a quick trip to the mall. Purchase a fur or velvet throw blanket for your bed and matching pillows. Add lots of scented candles to your room to enliven your senses. Use silk window treatments and accent pillows. Use multiple layers of window treatments and blankets in different patterns and textures to a rich create sense of luxury. Also, purchase decorative tassels and trim to add to your existing bedding and window treatments. Tassels and trim double the perceived value of your accessories.

Update the walls: You can freshen dull walls in a number of ways. You can add wallpaper border to the top or center of the walls. You can add a fresh coat of paint in a new and trendy color. You can upholster your walls with fabric and batting. You can also create a faux paint affect like sponging or adding stripes to your bedroom walls. If painting all four walls of the rooms seems like too big of a task, add paint, fabric or wallpaper to one wall only, for an accent.

Change the headboard: Consider changing the headboard on the bed for a great bedroom remodel. Instead of a standard headboard, you can use a length of white picket fencing teamed with some flowers for a garden room. You can use a shoji screen for the headboard and paint Chinese or Japanese characters on the wall for an Asian theme. You can also upholster your existing headboard with fabric in any theme or design. If you do not have a headboard at all, you can always make one by using plywood and covering it with fabric, or by hanging a tapestry at the head of your bed.

Add sparkle and interest: Add fake diamond studs to your window treatments and bed skirt to give the room sparkle. Purchase a large amount of ladybug, or perhaps butterfly pins from the dollar store and add them all over the room. Add whimsical artwork to the room in the form of abstract paintings you create yourself, or whimsical paintings made by your favorite artist. Hang a series of paintings that will dominate an entire wall.

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