Quick Dining Room Makeover

ideas your can use to make over your dining room quickly, and possibly make it a lot more exciting

The dining room can be a difficult room to decorate. The furniture for the room is already dictated out of necessity. Just about every dining room you enter will have a table, a number or chairs, a china cabinet, and a picture on the wall. It seems that the room most reserved for celebrations often turns out to be the most boring room in the house. Here are some ideas your can use to make over your dining room quickly, and possibly make it a lot more exciting.

The ceiling: In most dining rooms, the ceiling is forgotten. Do not forget yours. You can change the look of the entire room, by adding a treatment to the ceiling. You can use a faux treatment and add gold leaf for a truly luxurious feel. You can install textured wallpaper on the ceiling to resemble an old-fashioned tin ceiling, which you can then paint any color. You can even add mirrors to the ceiling to make the room more fun.

The lighting: You do not have to use your grandmother's chandelier or her chandelier style in your dining room. You do not need to use a chandelier at all. You can install whimsical track lighting featuring fairy shaped lights. You can hang a series of Asian lanterns above the table, or you can forgo electricity altogether, and hang candle lit fixtures above the table and on the walls. You will be amazed how quickly the quality of light will change the look and feel of the room.

Update the chairs: Paint and fabric choices hold endless possibilities for what you can do with your chairs. You can paint wooden chairs, or strip them and change the stain for a brand new look. You can also use fabric to give the room a theme, to brighten, darken, or just make the atmosphere more fun. By bringing in a set of chairs or replacing chairs with a bench, you can change the feel of the room by the style of furniture you select for the new pieces.

Update the table: There are many ways you can update a boring dining room table. You can paint the table in a solid color, do a faux marble or malachite treatment, or you can cover it fabric in a multitude of styles and colors. The most drastic changes, however, will be the unexpected. You can paint an abstract design on your tabletop or perhaps a large checkerboard. For the checkerboard design, you can have the chairs slip covered to match the squares, and alternate chair colors around the table. You can also purchase large checker and chess pieces and use it as a game table when you are not eating. Another idea is to photocopy old family pictures and arrange them on your tabletop along with copies of wedding certificates, and birth announcements. Cover your arrangement with a glass top and eat at your family table.

Dress up the windows: The type of window treatments you have dictates the formality or casualness of your dining room. Make the room more formal by adding a cornice board, and multiple layers of window panels, teamed with tiebacks and tassels. Give the room a more casual feel by simplifying your window treatment. For a truly causal dining room, sheer window panels on a simple iron rod are sufficient.

Enliven the walls: Probably the easiest way to bring your dining room to life is the add paint in a bright or rich color. Go one-step further and have a large mural painted on your dining room wall. You can paint a simple mural of a floral arrangement yourself, or you can commission an artist to do a scene of the countryside, or a Parisian café on your wall.

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