Quick And Easy Craft Ideas

Search for easy and inexpensive ways to decorate school supplies or bedroom walls; decorate almost anything with squirt bottles and paint!

This craft idea is for all parents who are sick of spending so much money on "cool" school supplies - it's a way to allow your kids to personalize their things while having fun and keeping school expenses down. This works great on fabric Trapper Keepers, but you can also do this to anything that just needs a little color, like lunch boxes, backpacks, pencils, any type of solid color boxes, file cabinets, or if you're brave, even bedroom walls.

All you need is a few of those little spray bottles (about the size of trial size spritz hairspray bottles), different colors of craft paint to contrast the color of the surface you want to decorate (classic or neon colors look good), and some newspaper to protect your table or floor.

It's as simple as the supplies needed for it:

Before you begin, lay down the newspaper to protect the surface you will be working on.

1) Just fill the squirt bottles with the different colored paints.

2) Randomly spray the surface with a little of each color and don't worry about splotching the colors because that just makes it look better and personalizes each and every thing that you or your child makes.


a) For a look like you took a paintbrush and splattered it in lines across the binder, just spray at an angle almost even with the side of the surface.

b) For a dotted look, just spray straight at the surface.

c) For splotches, let paint drip straight from the spray bottle onto the surface. (A combination of these circle-shaped splotches with the straight-line splatters add variety.)

3) Allow the paint to dry before using the object you decorated. Nothing else needs to be done.

This easy, inexpensive craft idea is one that the whole family can enjoy. It cuts down on the cost of paying for those expensive colorful school supplies, such as the Trapper Keepers that look like they were splattered with paint.

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