Quick And Easy Halloween Costumes

Kids of all ages love dressing up for Halloween, but coming up with a quick and easy costume can be a chore.

Kids of all ages love dressing up for Halloween, but coming up with a costume that isn't time consuming can be a task. Get inspiration from these ideas.

Halloween can be a hassle when you're trying to throw together this year's costumes, but this guide to quick and easy ideas will make it fun again. These costumes can be built from clothes out of your own wardrobe and require very little alteration. A great Halloween costume is easy to put together, easy to wear and easy to recognize. You'll find all of these things in the costumes listed below.

Feety Pajama or Sweat Suit Costumes

These costumes are perfect for youngsters because they provide an excellent blank canvas to work with and you can be sure your kids will stay warm in the cool autumn air. You can also easily add an extra layer underneath (without distracting from the costume) if the weather is colder than expected.

Use old items from around the house to transform the suit into a costume. For example you can convert a yellow suit into either a lion or duck, depending on the embellishments you add. Solid colors work best, but the color you have available might decide exactly what animal you choose.

For the lion, you'll need the suit, a knit cap, a 1"x24" piece of yellow felt and a skein of red-brown yarn. Cut the yarn in 12' lengths. Take 3-5 strands at a time and secure each bunch to the cap at its center point. Save enough of the cut yarn make a tassel for the lion's tale. Do this by first cutting the 12" strands in half and set 4 strands aside. Take 3 of the remaining strands tie them at the center of the 6" bunch. Use the last strand of yarn to wrap around the folded bunch""making a 3" tassel. Sew this tassel one end of the felt strip. Sew the other end of the felt strip to the seat of the suit and you're done!

A duck can be made with the same suit except you'll also need orange socks, an old baseball cap and some oversized tennis shoes. Use fabric paint to color the cap yellow and orange paint for the bill and sneakers.

The same idea can be used with leotard and tights or long john costumes. This silhouette is best for the common acrobat, cat, devil or superhero costumes. Add a cape, horns, ears or whatever it takes to get the point across. Often times it's easier to accessorize with props than to come up with a flashy outfit.

If you're looking for more costume ideas you can get out of your closet, try some of these. With a ruffled blouse and a full skirt you can create a serving maid or senorita costume. A pair of jeans can make a cowboy, construction worker or a greaser. Dust off that old suit you never get to wear and throw on a wire earpiece to be a Secret Service Agent. And if you want to feel your age, tease up your hair and throw on some bracelets for a "╦ťgirls just wanna have fun' outfit in true 80s style.

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