Quick And Easy Self Manicure

A quick, simple, and easy to follow step-by-step guide to self manicure. Have your nails looking beautiful without expensive salons.

Are you someone who is looking for nice-looking nails, but hate spending tons of money in an expensive beauty salon just to get a simple manicure? Are you looking for something quick, but pretty, with low cost and practically no frills? Then you should learn how to do your own manicures at home! With certain supplies, you can have your nails looking like a professional worked on them, when it was you who perfected them. Both woman and men can give themselves manicures, but first you'll need:

* A nail file and/or nail clippers

* Hand moisturizer

* Cuticle stick/orange stick

* Warm, soapy water

* A shallow bowl

* (Optional) Nail polish

* (Optional) Nail polish remover

* (Optional) Cotton balls or Q-Tips

1. First you'll need to remove all old nail polish, if any. Take a cotton ball or Q-Tip and soak in nail polish remover. Apply to nails with polish and rub until no nail polish is left.

2. Wash hands.

3. Cut, or shape nails. If you have extra long nails, you may want to cut or file them down. If you are just shaping your finger nails, take your nail file and file away the corners of your nails. Avoid a "sawing" motion; this causes nails to become brittle and may break. Instead, take the file to a corner, and use an upward motion to the center of your nail. Repeat for the other side. Shape your nails into ovals, or, if you choose, file the top and leave the corners pointed for a square shape.

4. Soak finger tips. Fill your bowl with warm, soapy water. Any soap will do, but I would recommend an anti-bacterial hand soap or one with some moisturizers. Dip in your finger tips and let soak for a few minutes. This softens up the cuticles and loosens any dirt under your fingernails. Dry off hands when done.

5. Remove dirt from under nails. Make sure the whole area looks and feels clean.

6. Push back cuticles using the stick. Push back gently as far as possible. You may cut the cuticles if you wish, but sometimes this may cause infection.

7. Moisturize hands and cuticles. Use a good lotion to make your hands nice and soft. Take your time with this step; it is very relaxing.

If you're a man, that was your last step to a self manicure. If you're a woman, read on:

8. Carefully apply nail polish. Use even strokes and take your time. Let first coat dry, then add second coat for more shine. For even more gleam, a top coat will finish the job. Just make sure your nails are completely dry between coats to avoid clumping and smearing.

9. Let nails dry completely before touching anything. If you mistakenly smudge one of your nails, you can either remove all the polish from that particular nail and start again, or try to touch it up as best as you can. After you're sure they're dry, you have the option to moisturize again, then you're ready to go.

You can give yourself a manicure every week. But if you do it right, it'll last a lot longer than that. A good tip is to find a good, solid brand of nail polish and stick to it.

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