How To Quit Your Job

How to quit your job by following the proper procedures to resign correctly and cordially.

You have found another job and you need to resign. You don't know quite how to go about doing it and you definitely don't want to leave with bad feelings. You need to leave in away that will still be professional and diplomatic. They say you should never burn your bridges, especially in business because you never know when paths may

cross again. How do you resign from a position cordial and satisfactory?

The first thing is to always give a two weeks notice when you are going to resign. Never walk in and just quit that day. Let your employer be the one to extend the right for you to leave immediately and not you. In many cases for certain positions you might be ask to leave that day. If so that's when you leave and not before. You don't want to leave any job in a bad way. Not giving your boss notice that you are leaving could put them on the spot and you never know when you might need that boss for a future reference again.

Always do a letter of resignation with the reason and state the date that will be your last day. You want to have something in writing for your records and to give to your former employer too. The letter should be short and brief. If you have some grievances don't put it into the letter. If the company you are resigning from will allow you to talk to someone in a exit interview, that is the time to verbalize your grievances. Never make a scene on the floor with your boss and other employees. Tell your co-workers that you are resigning and what day will be your last day. You want to leave in a good manner with them also because you never know when your paths might cross again. One of your co-workers could be your future boss and they will remember how you handled resigning from this company in a improper way.

Try to resign from your job in a applealing and pleasing way. Follow the proper procedures in the correct order to leave. You want to be remember as a good worker and someone who left in a commendable way. In the business circuit paths can cross so much that you never want to leave with a bad reputation. No matter what the circumstances are when you get ready to leave, don't let it effect how you handle

resigning from that job. With you resigning in the appropriate manner that memory will be left instead of a bad one. You can move on to your new job with ease.

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