What Rack Systems Are Available For Mounting A Bike Onto A Car, Truck Or SUV?

What rack systems are available for mounting a bike onto a car, truck or SUV? Tips for storing your mountain bike while traveling. There are several. First of all, most good mountain bikes have quick release...

There are several. First of all, most good mountain bikes have quick release wheels, which make it easy to put the bike in the back of an SUV, van or pick-up. Or, you can put it on a hitch mount rack that goes on the back of your vehicle and that goes onto your trailer hitch. Typically a 2-inch receiver hitch is best. But you can also use roof-mounted racks. There are positives and drawbacks for both styles. With the roof-mounted racks, you have to be careful about pulling into garages that are low, whether it is in a garage or a paid parking garage. Your bike is sort of up in the wind and it will sway as you corner. And there are different types of roof racks. Some of them require you to take the front tire off, which provides more stability, but you need to have a space to put the front tire. Whereas with other roof racks, you are able to keep the front tire on, and the rack actually clamps onto one of the bottom tubes on the bike, which tends to sway more in the wind and when cornering. But the positives to having a hitch rack are that your bikes are out of the wind, that they won't sway when cornering and that you don't need to worry about going into low garages causing damage to your bike rack. The drawback is that a lot of times you limit your space when parallel parking or parking in tight spaces. When you buy a hitch rack that swings out or drops down, a lot of times you cannot open your tailgate on your SUV. There are pros and cons for each type of rack system based on what kind of car you have and how and where you travel.

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