What Is Radiant Heat?

What is radiant heat? Radiant heat is different from convected heat because it uses the energy from the sun to heat objects, rather than the air. Radiant heat is different than convected or forced air heat....

Radiant heat is different than convected or forced air heat. Radiant heat is the same sort of heat that you get from the sun. Radiant energy actually warms objects, as opposed to warming air. You can put a source of radiant heat in your home and it will warm you. It warms the floors, it warms your furniture and it helps to replace the chill that you can feel from cold surfaces like windows. It's not the same sort of heat delivery that you get with forced air. Now our fireplaces provide both; about 40% of our output is coming out as radiant energy, which is higher than most gas fireplaces. With radiant heat, you can actually use less total energy to be comfortable and if you look under the ASHRE guide (the American Society of Heating and Refrigeration Engineering Guide) they actually give a credit for radiant heat. So we think radiant is an important component to comfort in your home and of course radiant heat is something that your central forced air cannot give you.

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