Is Radiation A Concern With Microwaves?

Is radiation a concern with microwaves? All new microwaves are tested for radiation leaks, however, older units should be tested if radiation is a concern. Well I would tell customers, if you bought a used...

Well I would tell customers, if you bought a used microwave and wanted to make sure it wasn't leaking, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a certified technician check the unit with a microwave survey meter. Generally speaking if the doors are in good shape and it closes okay and it is not cracked or anything, then usually there is a pretty good chance it is not leaking but, if you know somebody has that fear, it might be good peace of mind to have somebody check it. All new microwaves that are released today are completely safe. Once that door is shut they are safe to even stand right next to. In the factory they have seals on them. These choke seals are the way the door is designed where a microwave cannot be on 90-degree angle. It's important to remember that an actual microwave is also about the thickness of a pencil. A microwave will/can penetrate glass, but you will notice microwaves have a window that you can look in, but inside the window there is the mesh screen with very.... very fine holes. The microwaves can't penetrate those holes because it's too large.

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